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Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Hero’s Heart Challenge Guide

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Captain Marvel’s Challenge Mission leans heavily on her ability to turn Block into additional damage to eliminate her opponents as fast as possible.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns features various superheroes from the company’s expansive lineup, from members of the Avengers cast to lesser-known characters like Nico Minoru. Each character has strengths and weaknesses that can be amplified in different ways on the battlefield. One of the ways to strengthen any of these characters is to unlock a legendary card by succeeding in the character’s Challenge Mission.

For Carol Danvers, better known as Captain Marvel, completing the Hero’s Heart Challenge can help unlock an essential card in her deck. A considerable part of the challenge requires players to carefully manage the Block mechanic that helps Captain Marvel build up her Binary ability. During the challenge, the player must be sure to strike enemies carefully and not attack blindly without direction. This is the key to victory.

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What the Hero’s Heart Challenge Requires

Bring It On Captain Marvel Marvels Midnight Suns

First, the player must access and complete the “Forged in Hellfire” research by going on four missions with Ghost Rider and activating the research, which will take one day. This will open up the Armory and the ability to take part in Challenge Missions, with The Hunter’s available from the start. To unlock other hero challenges, the player will need to build up their friendship with each character until it reaches level five. Doing so with Carol will unlock her Hero’s Heart mission.

Players can grow the friendship in various ways, such as sparring sessions, missions, or offering gifts to Captain Marvel. While the player can gift Carol anything and participate in various activities, she does have favorites that can speed up the process. Like most characters, she will love her comics. One of her favorite activities is working out; the player will want to take advantage of this when the opportunity arises. Regarding dialogue options, it is best to come off as confident and reassuring to find the most success.

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How to Complete the Hero’s Heart Challenge

Marvels Midnight Suns Captain Marvel Attacking Red Crystal

Marvel’s Midnight Suns challenges work less like brawls and more like puzzles. The goal of Captain Marvel’s challenge is to destroy a crystal that is guarded by an enemy known as the Whisper of Memory. Players should not let the Whisper of Memory wander too far from the crystal, so they can take advantage of the Knockback ability. They will want to play their cards carefully, or they’ll need to restart upon running out.

Captain Marvel must eliminate the Whisper of Memory to complete the challenge before going after the crystal to build up Block and Heroism. The best strategy is to use Knee Strike on the enemy first to gain Taunt, followed by Cosmic Ray for a boosted hit. Then they’ll use Quick Jab and gain another Taunt before using Go Binary to boost Carol and finish off the enemy with First of Radiance to knock them into the crystal.

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Now that the Whisper of Memory is eliminated, the real challenge starts, as Captain Marvel must destroy the crystal before running out of cards. To power up, the player will first use One Step Ahead to ensure they have all the cards needed and Regroup to gain additional Block. Now Carol can turn the Block into further Offense damage using All In before attacking the crystal. Finally, players will use Fist of Radiance followed by Rain of Blows to destroy the Red Crystal. This will reveal the Purple Crystal, which can be eliminated with Supernova.

What the Player Gets for Completing the Challenge

Marvels Midnight Suns Captain Marvel Reward

After completing the Hero’s Heart Challenge, Carol’s Midnight Suns costume and the legendary Supernova card will be unlocked. Supernova is an essential part of Captain Marvel’s deck, and like most legendary cards, it does come with the Exhaust effect, which only allows it to be used once per battle. However, the card makes up for this effect by damaging all enemies in an area to thin the herd.

Given Captain Marvel’s ability to dish out massive amounts of damage, having a substantial area of effect ability is a must-have for any deck build. The suit is a bonus that has become synonymous with the game, given that they share a name. Players must remember that when taking on any character challenges, regardless of who the character may be, they need to plan ahead as they work more like puzzles. Using a character’s ability, like Carol’s conversion of Block to Offense, will often be the key.

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