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Shazam’s Zachary Levi Pals With DC Studios Boss in Vacation Photos

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Shazam’s Zachary Levi and DC Studios co-CEO Peter Safran recently went on vacation together, leading many to wonder about the former’s future with DC.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods star Zachary Levi recently vacationed with the film’s producer and DC Studios co-CEO Peter Safran, fueling speculation of his potential involvement in the future of the DC Universe.

Safran’s wife, Natalia, recently shared a series of vacation photos from the family’s holiday in Aspen, Colorado, several of which feature Levi. One such picture shows Levi and Safran seated together on a ski lift. Safran was a producer on the first Shazam!, a role he maintains for its upcoming sequel, Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

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The actor recently spoke about the off-camera friendships he maintains with Safran and fellow DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn. In December, Levi even bet his relationships with the studio heads on Shazam’s future in the DCU. “So, your question is, ‘If those two are my bosses, is there a plan and a future for Shazam!?’ I would say, ‘Yeah.’ I would hope so,” Levi told a fan while on the stage at Comic Con Portugal 2022. “Those are my friends, and if they don’t have a plan, then they are not my friends anymore. No sir.”

Levi Supports the New DCU

The Shazam frontman has also staunchly defended Gunn and Safran from fan backlash regarding their intentions to reboot the DCU moving forward. “He understands comic books, guys,” Levi said of Gunn. “He understands world-building, he understands how to do right by the canon and also by the characters and also by the audience.” Levi also called Safran “an incredible diplomat and business person. I’ve worked with him now for years. Just breathe. It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be better than okay.”

Though Safran and Gunn are reportedly eyeing a relaunch of the DCU with a largely new cast, insiders at Warner Bros. Discovery suggest they are not against keeping some actors in their current roles. Levi could be among the carryovers. “Oooh, I really wouldn’t go believing everything you see on the internet,” Levi told a fan in December following rumors that he was exiting the role. “I’m Gucci, Ash. We all Gucci.”

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That said, Levi later expressed his feelings on the idea of Gunn and Safran going in a different direction with the character. “As of this point right now, I’m still that character […] I have no idea what’s going to ultimately happen to me. I think I’m in a pretty good position,” he said. On the possibility of Gunn and Safran moving forward without him, he added, “them’s the breaks, that’s how it goes.”

Shazam 2 is one of DC Studios’ four live-action films releasing in 2023, the others being The Flash (June 16), Blue Beetle (Aug. 18) and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (Dec. 25). The sequel also sees the return of Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer, Adam Brody, Ross Butler, Meagan Good, Djimon Hounsoum and several others. Newcomers include Helen Mirren, Lucy Liu and Rachel Zegler as the villains Hespera, Kalypso and Anthea, respectively.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods hits theaters on March 17.

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