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10 Marvel Comics Characters Who Love Arguing

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Marvel’s heroes and villains are known for their climactic battles, facing off against each other in all manner of contests. While everyone is most familiar with the actual fights, these aren’t the only dramatic confrontations between characters in the Marvel Universe. Sometimes, characters find themselves arguing with others, over all manner of subjects.

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Some heroes and villains aren’t inclined to argue, but some love it. They’re argumentative nature has struck multiple times, making knowing them an interesting proposition, to say the least. They’ll argue a point until they’re blue in the face, and then keep it up for a bit longer.

10/10 Namor Loves Confrontation Of All Types

Namor: Conquered Shores hints he had a physical affair with Sue Storm

Namor can be very unpleasant to be around. The Sub-Mariner is known for being a taciturn sort, but it’s worked for him over the years. Namor has won some amazing victories, battering his enemies into submission with his fists. However, that’s not the only way he likes to defeat his enemies, as he enjoys arguing as much as fighting.

Namor is a big believer in his own superiority and looks to prove it in any way he can. He has no problem arguing with anyone. Namor is known for walking into situations and being as condescending as possible, all in order to start an argument.

9/10 Reed Richards Will Debate Science With Anyone

Reed Richards from Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four stares off into space

Reed Richards loves two things in his life: his family and science. Reed spends many of his waking hours exploring the mysteries of creation in his lab, broadening human knowledge. He loves it. Most of the time, Reed won’t really engage people in things, mostly because he’s not really that kind of person. However, bring up science, and it’s on like Donkey Kong.

Reed will argue science with anyone. He enjoys that sort of thing because to him, the whole point of it is to either teach someone something they don’t know or to be proven wrong himself, which means he’ll gain more knowledge. For Reed, arguing over science can be a valuable use of his time and lead him to new discoveries.

8/10 She-Hulk Picked A Career That Is All About Arguing

She-Hulk in a one-piece, flexing her muscles in Marvel Comics.

She-Hulk is a match for the Hulk in many ways, but one place where she blows him out of the water is in her ability to argue. Jennifer Walters decided to take up a profession that centered on arguing with others. Being a lawyer involves coming up with a cogent argument that’s better than someone else’s. The only people who like being a lawyer are those who enjoy arguing to some extent.

She-Hulk is smart and quick-witted, with a cutting sense of humor. She knows how to tear her foes down when she needs to and raise them up to get them on her side. Arguing in front of juries has prepared her well for this battlefield.

7/10 Mister Sinister Loves Hearing The Sound Of His Own Voice

Mister Sinister describing his personality ingredients in Marvel Comics

Some people’s argumentative nature comes more from their arrogance than anything else, which is why Mister Sinister loves to argue. He’s in love with the sound of his voice. On top of that, he also enjoys stirring the pot, so any chaos he can start isn’t wasted in his mind.

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Sinister loves being right obviously, but as long as he elicits some kind of response from his target, he’s happy with it. Sinister knows that agitating someone makes it easier to outsmart them in the future, so he’ll go out of his way to start arguments. It keeps potential foes off balance and allows him to aggrandize himself, a favorite pastime.

6/10 Daredevil Is A Brilliant Lawyer

Marvel Comics' Daredevil standing in front of a church

Marvel contains some great lawyers, but few can stand toe to toe with Daredevil in a court of law. Matt Murdock has proven to be an excellent lawyer, both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney. He knows how to make his points in a cogent and persuasive manner while undercutting the arguments of those he’s working against.

Daredevil is excellent at arguing. He’s made a rather sizable amount of money being an attorney, so he has to have some love for arguing. He’s been able to defeat nearly everyone he’s gone up against, showing them that he’s dangerous in more ways than one.

5/10 Quicksilver Loves To Infuriate Others As Much As They Infuriate Him

John Buscema's Quicksilver runs past Jarvis in Avengers 75

Many Marvel heroes are competitive, but Quicksilver takes it to the next level. He perceives everything faster than anyone else and likes to test the people around him to see if they are as great at things as he is. Quicksilver’s perception of the world makes the slow pace of everyone around him infuriating, so he loves to spread the irritation by being argumentative.

Quicksilver is constantly in a bad mood, so he’ll pick arguments with anyone within speaking distance, except for Scarlet Witch. The world is so slow to Quicksilver that he’s always in a rotten mood, and he enjoys spreading that mood as much as possible.

4/10 Human Torch Will Take Any Opportunity To Argue With The Thing

The Fantastic Four's Human Torch in Marvel Comics

Human Torch loves arguing, but only with one certain person. Human Torch is known for his love of needling the Thing. He grew to love Ben Grimm like a brother, but the two of them are oil and water in a lot of ways. Human Torch is a fun-loving person, and he finds messing with Ben very enjoyable. Anything that the Thing says is a reason to argue with him for Human Torch.

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It’s always good-natured — or at least it starts that way. He and the Thing have taken it to some heavy levels in the past, but their love for one another keeps it from going too far. Human Torch will take the smallest things that he can and blow them up just to get a reaction from the Thing.

3/10 Loki Loves To Prove That He’s Smarter Than Everyone

Loki leering in Marvel Comics

Among Marvel’s most popular villains, Loki holds a very special place. Thor’s foster brother has conquered Asgard several times and his threat was the one that brought the Avengers together. He’s battled all of Marvel’s major heroes, using his magic and strength to challenge everyone in front of him. He also likes to prove his superiority and manipulate those around him.

One of the tools he uses for both is arguing. Loki is quite good at arguing, and he enjoys doing it. The God of Mischief will take any opportunity to overcome his foes in some way. He may not be able to beat everyone in a fight, but he can out-argue many.

2/10 Iron Man Has An Innate Desire To Be Right

Iron Man powering up his repulsors in Marvel Comics.

Iron Man is a great hero, but he’s still just a human being. Tony Stark is a person who believes completely in his ability to do the right thing and make the best decisions. This has caused him to be a rather argumentative person, always ready to defend himself from anyone who disagrees with his actions or opinions.

Iron Man doesn’t always start arguments, but he’s going to do his best to win them. His favorite sparring partner among his friends is often Captain America, as the two of them are quite different. However, he’s argued with many of his fellow heroes over the years, especially during his time as Director of SHIELD.

1/10 Doctor Doom’s Certitude In Himself Means He’ll Argue With Anyone

Citizens of Latveria celebrating Doom in Marvel Comics' Doctor Doom Solo Series

Marvel’s most ruthless villains are known for not giving up and Doctor Doom takes that to extreme levels. Victor Von Doom is a person who can’t imagine a world where he’s wrong. In his mind, he’s the best at everything, his will should prevail over everyone’s, and anyone who gainsays him needs to be slapped down. He’ll do that physically or verbally.

Doom loves to hear himself talk and loves to defend who he is. He’ll take any opportunity to argue with the people he believes are below him, which is basically every other person on Earth. Doom will argue with anyone at any time.

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