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Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Dark Heart Challenge Guide

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Ghost Rider’s Dark Heart Challenge in Marvel’s Midnight Sun rewards players with a very powerful attack. This guide will help to beat it in minutes.

As players advance through Marvel’s Midnight Suns, they unlock the ability to complete specific challenges for each character. While these challenges use the same general mechanics as combat scenarios, there are a lot of stipulations added to make them difficult to figure out. Players will often be forced to complete the challenge without the use of an ability or mechanic that they have grown accustomed to using. These additional challenges test players’ tactical abilities, puzzle-solving skills, and knowledge of the individual character whose challenge they are playing.

Ghost Rider’s Dark Heart challenge is all about efficiency. Players are tasked with defeating four enemies with the use of only four cards. Ghost Rider can’t move, limiting the angles from which the player can attack enemies and not allowing for any shoves to do additional damage. While the limited nature of the challenge is meant to be what makes it more difficult, Ghost Rider’s challenge ends up being a relatively simple one. Here’s how to efficiently complete the Dark Heart challenge.

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What the Dark Heart Challenge Requires

Armory upgrade from Marvel's Midnight Suns

In order to access Dark Heart or any Challenge Mission, players will first need to meet a few prerequisites. First, players must complete the level 4 research mission “Forged in Hellfire,” which can be accessed once players have brought Ghost Rider on four combat missions. Next, players will have to purchase the Armory upgrade for the forge, which will unlock the Challenge Missions. Finally, players must max out Ghost Rider’s friendship level, granting access to the Dark Heart challenge.

Getting Ghost Rider’s friendship up will actually be partially done simply by unlocking the Armory. Because players will be bringing Ghost Rider on missions with them, they will be increasing their friendship level and making him more likely to be available for a hangout after a mission. Hangouts are a great way to increase relationships with teammates, and it’s important to remember to bring a gift. Gifts like a copy of All New Ghost Rider #1 are a great way to speed up the friendship. Friendship levels can also be increased by sparring in the yard.

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How to Complete Ghost Rider’s Dark Heart Challenge

Ghost Rider fighting enemies during his Dark Heart challenge in Midnight Suns

As mentioned, in Ghost Rider’s Dark Heart challenge, players are given four cards that they must use to defeat four enemies. The cards are Judgement, Retribution, and two copies of Lash. It’s important to note that Retribution will cause players to discard a random card, so it must be saved for last if they want a shot at completing the challenge. The best way to start off is with the two Lash cards, using each to bring the enemies together in a central location. It’s also important to throw them into one another for some additional damage. One enemy will be defeated when Lashing them together, and then another two can be finished off simultaneously with Judgement’s AoE effect.

The final enemy can then be taken out by knocking it back into a wall with Retribution. It’s important when grouping up the other enemies prior to using Judgement, that players don’t leave them too far from the wall. If players are unable to knock the final enemy into it, they won’t deal enough damage to defeat it. The best way to do it is to Lash the right-hand 3 enemies together, leaving the enemy on the far left for last, as it is closest to a wall. After completing this first part of the challenge, players will be given a Drain Soul card and the new legendary card, Penance Stare. Use Drain Soul on the Incarnation of Memory and then Penance Stare to finish it off.

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What the Player Gets for Completing the Challenge

Penance Stare card from Marvel's Midnight Suns

All Challenge Missions reward players with a legendary card for the hero and their Midnight Suns combat suit. As mentioned, Ghost Rider’s legendary card is Penance Stare, a powerful attack that consumes half of Ghost Rider’s health and then deals out four times as much damage to a single target. When upgraded, the card will also fill Ghost Rider’s Soul Meter, increasing his maximum health for the rest of the mission.

Penance Stare is a great reward for finishing this challenge, but unfortunately, Ghost Rider’s Midnight Suns suit is a bit underwhelming. It changes little of his appearance, simply turning his skull gold, increasing the size of his shoulder pads, and adding some runic symbols to his chest. That being said, this challenge is definitely worth completing and only takes a few minutes if players follow this guide.

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