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Star Wars Artist’s Sci-Fi Aladdin Film Launches Huge Kickstarter Campaign

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Star Wars artist Matt Busch launches a monumental Kickstarter campaign for the first film in the planned Aladdin 3477 trilogy.

Star Wars artist Matt Busch has launched the Kickstarter campaign for his epic sci-fi movie trilogy, Aladdin 3477.

Promotions for the first Aladdin 3477 film begin with a monumental crowdfunding campaign. The campaign features unique rewards for backers, including books, posters, toys and opportunities to see the film with writer-director Busch himself, and has taken off rapidly. In eight hours, the campaign was fully funded, then double-funded in less than three days.

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To add more fuel to the promotional effort, Busch has plans for reward reveals, contest and the unveiling of the movie’s trailer in the near future. The Kickstarter campaign will end at midnight on March 3. “For me, I’m just so grateful I had the opportunity to creature these films with family and friends. To see the positive response fans are already expressing about the campaign is through-the-roof amazing,” said Busch.

Arabian Nights Goes Sci-Fi in Aladdin 3477

The action-adventure Aladdin 3477 is being described as “looks like Star Wars, feels like Indiana Jones, and is vast in scope like Lord of the Rings.” The first independent film, titled Aladdin 3477: The Jinn of Wisdom, stars Erik Steele as Aladdin, Calhoun Koenig as Robot Vendor, Jennifer Jelsema as Newscaster, Christi Dumar as Princess Kamala. The film’s synopsis reads as follows: “In the year 3477, a scrappy thief from Hong Kong becomes obsessed with the Princess of India and sets off on a globe-trotting journey that leads him to an ancient sage.” Additional plot details are currently under the wraps.

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Best known for his creative contributions to the Star Wars Universe, Busch began his career in Hollywood illustrating storyboards and concept art for feature films like Con-Air and The Matrix. He is also involved in high profile properties like The Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones and Stranger Things.

Busch revealed that in the past 13 years, he has been working on this Aladdin project quietly. The principal photography took him 5 years and another 4 to complete post-production. Based on the classic Arabian Nights tale, the storyline is set 1,500 years in the future throughout India and Asia, where Busch got the idea. He envisioned this project to be an epic sci-fi trilogy in comparison to the Disney’s version of Aladdin.

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