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The Flash Family Just Suffered a Major Death

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The Flash’s world has been turned upside down by the One-Minute-War -and the conflict’s first causality makes things even worse.

The following contains spoilers for The Flash #790, on sale now from DC Comics.

The Flash family are no strangers to tragedy. Over the years, the heroes have dealt with loss and death in all sorts of ways, with Barry Allen sacrificing himself to save the universe in Crisis on Infinite Earths and in turn risking the entire universe in a bid to save his mother in Flashpoint. But now, the first apparent confirmed casualty of the “One-Minute-War” might push them down an even darker path.

The Flash family might have just lost Iris to the Fraction’s first attack in The Flash #790 (by Jeremy Adams, Roger Cruz, Matt Banning, Wellington Dias, Luis Guerrero, and Rob Leigh), giving them plenty of reason to go all out against the Fraction. But because of the very personal impact Iris’ apparent death could have on most of the Speedsters, it could leave them emotionally comprised running into the conflict.

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“One-Minute-War” Has Already Disrupted The Flash’s Entire World


The “One-Minute-War” promises to push the Flash family to their limit, putting up against an invading alien armada whose powers stem from the same Speed Force that empowers the Earth heroes. The Fraction’s opening salvo against humanity comes in the form of a massive ship that crashes into the planet, causing a massive wave of destruction that erupts from the heart of Central City. The impact is glimpsed by the Flash family, seemingly happening so fast that only Speedsters have the time to even process what’s happening before the blast hits. Across the city, speedsters like Impulse, Kid Flash, and original Flash Jay Garrick are flung back by the force of the landing.

But for others, the danger is more immediate. Both Wally West and Jessie Quick try to save their family and civilians respectively, but both are both are also sent flying by the impact. The worst of it so far seems to have happened to Barry Allen, however. The Fractions’ attack comes as Barry is sharing a nice dinner with Iris, his long-time girlfriend. She reveals that she intends to propose marriage to them, citing the happy life Wally and Linda have made for themselves as proof that they can work together. But just as Iris is preparing to pop the question, Barry senses the Fraction’s attack. Caught in the center of the city, not even Barry can fully escape the blast, leaving him and Iris to be caught in the collapse of the surrounding building. Barry is largely spared any obvious injury, but Iris isn’t so lucky. Finding her buried under rubble, the issue ends with Barry seemingly cradling Iris’ lifeless body — apparently the first casualty of the One-Minute-War.

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The Death Of Iris Could Devastate The Flash Family

the-flash-iris-casualty (1)

The apparent death of Iris could be many things — she might be alive but unconscious, or even comatose from her injuries. The Flash family has a history of messing with the world via time-travel — with Max Mercury even noting their ability to run through time during his introduction into the event. This isn’t even the first time Iris has died. But even if there is eventually a way to restore Isis to life, it likely means that Barry Allen is going to be quick to go on the offensive in the “One-Minute-War.” On the one hand, that’s likely going to make Barry a very useful asset in the coming conflict, as he already has a very personal reason to hit back at the Fraction with everything he’s got.

However, it could also leave Barry too angry — and will likely have a similar impact on Wally and Wallace West, both of whom consider Iris one of their closest loved ones. The Flash family losing one of their greatest pieces of emotional support could leave them quicker to anger and with a clearer desire to get some payback — making them more susceptible to mistake or error. The Flash family are set to face off with an enemy that might be able to match them in terms of raw power, meaning any mistake could quickly prove to be fatal. But if the speedsters can’t find a way to reverse the damage brought on by the Fraction, let alone defeat them in the first place, then they may have just lost one of their most important members for good — and with the entire world likely at stake, any mistake could make things even worse.

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