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Armor Wars’ Don Cheadle Addresses Concerns Over the MCU’s Expansion

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Armor Wars leading man Don Cheadle is mostly optimistic about Marvel’s future as he addresses concerns over the MCU’s continuous expansion.

Armor Wars star Don Cheadle addressed concerns over the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s rapid and continuous expansion to several different corners of Marvel’s source material.

In an interview with Total Film, Cheadle discussed the quality of current MCU outings as the franchise continues to produce more ambitious projects. The actor said that as long as the franchise understands the goal it is trying to accomplish with each new project, the quality will hopefully remain. “It can go on and on and on… hopefully it doesn’t get spread too thin,” Cheadle said. “And there’s still some quality control and not just trying to expand for expansion’s sake. But there’s a clear idea about the storytelling and what you’re trying to accomplish with every iteration.”

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Many MCU fans have pointed out that the quality of Marvel projects has already dipped in Phase 4. However, Marvel executives appear to have the same thought process as Cheadle, as they are reportedly refocusing on quality over quantity heading into Phases 5 and 6. A recent report claimed that the studio is re-examining its upcoming slate after there was “internal negative feedback” over Phase 4’s overall quality, resulting from disputes over scripts and substandard visual effects. While Marvel released three films, three Disney+ shows, and two Disney+ specials in 2022, the MCU’s output may be less in 2023 and beyond as executives may delay projects to ensure maximum quality.

Despite potential delays and changes behind the scenes at Marvel Studios, a project that is still, as of now, confirmed for 2023 is Secret Invasion. The show, which will see the return of Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, will lead right into Armor Wars, according to Cheadle. “It’s bananas! And it’s very expansive,” Cheadle said. “And obviously now that everyone can show up in everybody else’s story. I mean, I’m in Secret Invasion, so I’m in Sam [Jackson]’s show. There’s a part of that, that kicks off what happens in Armor Wars.

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In Armor Wars, Cheadle is overjoyed to finally explore more of his character, James Rhodes aka War Machine. While Cheadle joined the MCU back in 2010, the actor acknowledged that his character has yet to be fully explored. “Who are his friends? What are his relationships? What does he want? I’m not complaining. But I don’t think we know anything yet,” he said, teasing that Armor Wars will finally go into specifics.

Armor Wars does not yet have a release date.

Source: Total Film

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