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Dragonflight’s Most Important Weekly Activities

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It’s important to remember the ongoing allegations that Activision-Blizzard is facing when making decisions about the games you play. CBR supports the hard work of developers and industry professionals to create the video games fans know and love. You can find CBR’s continuing coverage of the Activision-Blizzard allegations here.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, like previous expansions, has several activities for players to complete that reset once per week. Many of these will be familiar to players, as they have been in the game for several years. These include raid and mythic dungeon lockouts, the great vault, and the ability to receive loot from world bosses.

However, Dragonflight introduces several new features, events, and activities unique to the Dragon Isles and offers players a wide range of rewards, including gear, reputation rewards, and profession knowledge. In addition, players can participate in scheduled events such as the Siege on Dragonbane Keep and the Iskaara Community Feast, which restart every few hours. Grand Hunts can appear in several areas of each zone and change periodically. Two trials rarely occur in two set locations. The most overlooked are profession knowledge items found in random treasures around the Dragon Isles, picked up while gathering, or dropped from enemies, as well as work orders to inscriptionists to make treatises.

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Some of Dragonflight’s Weekly Events Are on Timers


Three of the four new factions in the Dragon Isles offer weekly events. The Valdrakken Accord offers the Siege on Dragonbane Keep, the Iskaara Tuskar hosts the Community Feast, and the Maruuk Centaur conducts Grand Hunts throughout the four new zones. All three of these events reward success with reputation points with their respective factions, provide a chance at higher item level gear, and sometimes give other items not tied to player power, such as mounts and toys.

The Siege on Dragonbane Keep occurs on the southwestern side of the Waking Shores every two hours. Upon completion, players receive an Obsidian Cache containing gear and other items. The Community Feast in Iskaara is an example of simple and intriguing gameplay. It restarts every three and a half hours and lasts approximately 15 minutes. There is a quest related to the event that awards a large amount of reputation with the Iskaara Tuskar and a Supply-Laden Soup Pot containing cosmetic items and gear. Also, the rare enemy Bisquius will spawn once the event ends, offering a chance at additional rewards.

Grand Hunts are different since they can spawn in several locations in each zone, moving approximately every two hours. Additionally, they can be completed multiple times per week, but offer reduced rewards each time. The Grand Hunt Caches reward players with items used to boost Maruuk Centaur renown as well as chances at a mount, gear, and cosmetic options for the player’s hunting companion.

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Profession Knowledge Items Are Available Once a Week


The lesser-known activities available to players relate to profession knowledge, a feature of the newly revamped profession system. Certain items can be acquired or used weekly to earn knowledge points. These items can be looted from enemies, picked up while gathering resources, or found inside expedition scout packs and disturbed dirt throughout the Dragon Isles. The number of these items available each week differs depending on players’ chosen professions. Additionally, players can place work orders with inscriptionists to acquire treatises that award knowledge points in the corresponding profession and can be used once per week.

Trial Chests and Aiding the Black Dragonflight Offer Additional Rewards


The last significant weekly events are the two Trials and aiding the Black Dragonflight within the Obsidian Keep. The Trial of the Flood, which occurs in the southern Ohn’ahran Plains, and the Trial of the Elements, in the primalist future accessed via a portal in southeastern Thaldraszus, are similar. Both events occur randomly, but groups often form in the group finder. They both also require players to defeat a series of mobs to gain access to a chest possibly containing gear and recipes for rare items.

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The Obsidian Citadel is in the far southwestern corner of the Waking Shores. Each week, max-level characters will choose to support one of the two potential leaders of the Black Dragonflight, Wrathion or Sabellian, and complete several quests in the area. These quests can award high item-level gear, earn reputation points for the chosen leader, and eventually unlock access to unique items.

Blizzard has kept its promise to make the game feel less urgent to players who want to play competitively but can’t play daily by increasing players’ time to complete their goals each week. Additionally, by making several features account-wide, gamers that play multiple characters have had a much easier time staying engaged in the game. The title is more enjoyable to play than it has been in recent memory, and hopefully, the developers will continue to make the game even better.

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