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Marvel Snap Finally Adds Artist Credits

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In its latest patch, Marvel Snap adds the Artist Credits feature that allows players to see who illustrated their favorite character cards.

The latest Marvel Snap update gives the illustrators their due with the addition of artist credits on every card.

The new Artist Credits feature was the first item mentioned in the latest Marvel Snap patch notes. The artist’s name can be accessed when clicking on the Variant Label above any card in a player’s collection. Clicking it now reveals the names of the illustrator or illustrators behind the incredible drawing and coloring of the card. With this addition, the artists behind the themed Variants like the Pixel, Chibi and Baby cards can be acknowledged by the game’s fan base.

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The latest patch also brought down the power of two big 6-Cost threats, Galactus and Leader. Each lost one power, but additional changes are still being considered for the big-brained villain. The slight power drop for Leader leaked ahead of the official patch, which prompted Chief Development Officer Ben Brode to add some clarifying context on Twitter. The accompanying note stated that the team is exploring further changes to the card in response to its frustrating effect. Brode specified that this developer note should be interpreted as more changes are coming. However, the team is still working on exactly which adjustments are needed to balance out an extremely polarizing card.

On the other side, several cards received one extra point to their power. The lucky few who received a flat boost are Hazmat, Black Cat and Nakia. Groot and Drax also received a plus-one buff to their base strength, but one power was removed from their On-Reveal effects. So while their potential power hasn’t changed, the developer hopes the reduced risk of playing these cards will encourage more players to add them to their decks.

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The free-to-play card game pits two players against one another in a contest to see who can gain the most power in two out of three randomized locations. While battling others with your favorite Marvel characters can be exciting, some players are concerned that some opponents they’re running into are Marvel Snap bots. In-game, they can be identified by seemingly poor choices that result in a disadvantaged position for their side. Another easy tell is the opponent’s username, which is often something as simple as a person’s first name like Billy, Josh or Erica. Real players will typically have complex names that are personalized and wouldn’t give any personal information away.

Marvel Snap is available for free with microtransactions on iOS, Android and Microsft Windows.

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