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The Flash’s Ezra Miller Reaches Plea Agreement in Burglary Case

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The Flash star Ezra Miller agrees to plead guilty to a lesser offense of trespassing to avoid facing burglary and larceny charges.

The Flash star Ezra Miller has agreed to plead guilty to a lesser charge of trespassing in Vermont after being accused of stealing several bottles of alcohol from a person’s house.

In August 2022, Vermont State Police presented evidence of Miller breaking and entering into a residence on the evening of May 1. While the homeowners were not present during the incident, multiple bottles of alcohol are said to have been taken from the property. Miller was later charged with trespassing unlawfully, two counts of breaking into an unoccupied home and petit larceny. But on Wednesday, NBC News was informed by a clerk for the Vermont Superior Court that the parties have reached an agreement to dismiss the burglary and larceny charges.

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At a hearing this Friday in Bennington County Superior Criminal Court, Miller is expected to enter their guilty plea. According to court records, the prosecution is recommending that the actor receive an 89 to 90 day suspended sentence, a year of probation and a $500 fine. Miller, who is best known for playing the Flash in the DC Universe franchise, has made headlines for their various legal troubles in recent years. The actor faced legal action in March 2022 after they were arrested for disorderly conduct and harassment in Hawaii. Soon after, a couple from Hawaii sought a restraining order against Miller for allegedly making death threats before stealing a wallet, passport and social security card.

The couple’s restraining order was withdrawn, but the actor’s troubles persisted. In June, Miller was accused of grooming and abducting 18-year-old Tokata Iron Eyes. The teenager’s guardians sought a restraining order against the actor, claiming Miller had exploited them through “cult-like and psychologically manipulative, controlling behavior” — though Iron Eyes has rebuked their parents’ claims.

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In August, Miller issued a public apology for their behavior and stated they were pursuing professional help for “complex mental health issues.” They declared in this statement that they were “committed to doing the necessary work to get back to a healthy, safe and productive stage” in their life. Despite many fans calling for the studio recast the role of Barry Allen or shelve the character’s upcoming solo film, Warner Bros. has made it clear that it intends to release The Flash as planned.

The Flash is scheduled to premiere in theaters on June 23.

Source: NBC News

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