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The Owl House’s 10 Best Quotes

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In 2020, Dana Terrace’s The Owl House premiered on Disney+, hot on the heels of an already-approved season two. The series follows 14-year-old Luz Noceda, who accidentally stumbles into the Demon Realm instead of going to a Reality Check summer camp. While there, she befriends Eda The Owl Lady and King. Luz decides to live with them in the titular Owl House to study magic, and antics quickly ensue.

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The Owl House is very much a dramedy-horror tale, and it boasts plenty of expertly-written jokes, good dialogue, interesting character arcs, and high stakes to keep viewers of all ages interested. These elements are often channeled through great quotes and hilarious one-liners. On January 21, 2023, fans can be treated to more of The Owl House’s fun quotes and wacky adventures in the special “For the Future.”

10/10 “How About This Black Shadow Box That Reflects Only Sadness?”


Eda in The Owl House

The Owl House quickly establishes the mythos of its enchanting world. The show gives viewers an insight into what the inhabitants of The Boiling Isles think of humanity within the first five minutes. Eda is a witch who’s fascinated with the human world and sells various Human Collectibles in the Bonesborough Market.

Still, Eda doesn’t seem to understand much of what she sells. She thinks deodorant and batteries are human candy, doesn’t realize that crocs are shoes, and believes that a TV is a “black shadow box that reflects only sadness.” It’s a well-written way of creating a juxtaposition between the human realm and the demon realm and provides great humor.

9/10 “A Real Man Never Takes Accountability!”

Beefy Bob

Beefy Bob action figure presented and held by Gus in The Owl House

The Owl House successfully weaves social commentary into its writing and plot. Aside from emphasizing the need for individualism and free choice, the show offers several insights into various other real-world situations. From Luz’s fear of arguing with people online to being imprisoned for being different, The Owl House covers all the bases.

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Beefy Bob is a doll that Luz, Gus, and Willow were planning to animate during a Moonlight Conjuring. However, they end up accidentally animating The Owl House itself. Beefy Bob offers no help, but he makes a hilarious comment that serves as commentary on toxic masculinity.

8/10 “You’re Back! I Didn’t Miss You At All!”


King sitting atop Luz's head in The Owl House

Though King would have everyone think otherwise, he is very much attached to Eda and Luz. Luz finds him adorable and cuddly, which King desperately tries to pretend he doesn’t enjoy. The two come to care for each other so much that Luz thinks of King as her best friend.

King has been noted to watch the door after Luz leaves for school, apparently asking if “she’s really coming back this time.” His behavior is akin to a puppy faithfully waiting for their owner to return from work. When Luz suddenly walks in a few moments later, he happily climbs atop her head while pretending not to care. This wholesome line shows how sweet their friendship is.

7/10 “All I Know Is, You Taught Me, And I Turned Out Just Fine!”


The Owl House's Hooty

Luz is desperate to learn magic any way she can, even if it means disguising herself as Willow’s conjured Abomination to sneak into Hexside. Though Eda could teach Luz, Hexside provides the opportunity for Luz to learn daily. Eda’s history with the magical school – and her views on expression and individualism – make her hate any organized education.

Eda considers letting Luz learn from others while Hooty provides relatively useless comments. Despite this, Hooty does point out Eda was his teacher, and he’s doing pretty well for himself. His inability to eat an insect, combined with his relatively dopey demeanor, makes Eda realize that Luz needs more than just her teachings to excel.

6/10 “Alright You Acne-Encrusted-Hormone-Buckets, Let’s Go Let Out Some Teen Angst!”


King possessing Luz's body hovering in the air in The Owl House

When Eda, Luz, and King debated about whose life is the most challenging, Eda cast a body swap so they could experience what everyone else’s lives are like. Luz is transferred to Eda’s body, King is transferred to Luz’s, and Eda is transferred to King’s. King believes that he’ll be able to rule Luz’s “feeble demographic” and sets out to make his point.

Encountering Hexside’s resident mean-girl Boscha, King usurps control of her gang and proudly leads them to vent their teen angst. Starting them off with his somewhat jabbing quote, he hilariously leads them to prank the citizens of Bonesborough.

5/10 “I Will Not Fall Prey To Your Childish Games…MEH! MEH!”


Lilith Clawthorne making faces at her sister, Edalyn Clawthorne in the Owl House

Lilith and Eda’s relationship is strained, to say the least. The two once shared a dream of being in the Emperor’s Coven together, but they were going to duel because only one spot was available. To win, Lilith cursed Eda with her famous Owl form, which backfired on Lilith after Eda decided to forfeit the match.

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Throughout The Owl House, Lilith attempts to get Eda to join the Emperor’s Coven. She claims that Emperor Bellos can lift Eda’s curse and captures Eda after the curse fully takes over. Lilith tries to reason with Eda until The Owl Lady blows a raspberry at her. Lilith fails to keep her composure for more than five seconds before sticking out her tongue and making noises at her sister.

4/10 “I Will Be Haunted By My Actions Forever, Hoot Hoot!”


Hooty situated on The Owl House's front door

Hooty is The Owl House’s secret weapon. Despite how others often treat him, he remains mostly upbeat and positive throughout his interactions with The Owl House’s inhabitants. He’s very efficient at his job, and he even sees it as a game.

Hooty is also thrilled to be included in things, regardless of what it is. This happiness, however, is often ill-received by others. After a rare bonding moment with King in “Adventures in the Elements,” Hooty yells at a baffled Eda that she never understood what the two had experienced. At this, King leaves Hooty to reflect on how he shattered his first real connection.

3/10 “But Then How Pathetic Are You, That You Can’t Best Me At My Worst!”


Eda and King in The Owl House

While The Owl House has plenty of well-written humor, it’s not just a comedy series. The overarching plot is a lot darker as a whole, but the writers know how to balance it perfectly. The animosity between Lilith and Eda comes to a head in several episodes throughout the series.

Still, nothing was quite as explosive as the Witches’ Duel in “Agony of a Witch.” Having kidnapped Luz, Lilith tries to use her as a bargaining chip to convince Eda to join The Emperor’s Coven. As the fight progresses, Lilith mocks Eda’s waning power, though it ultimately proves just how much more of a witch Eda is.

2/10 “She Can Be So Stupid, Which I Love…I Mean Hate!”


Amity in The Owl House smiling

Amity Blight was initially introduced as an antagonist to Luz, Willow, and Gus. Over time, however, she came to reevaluate what was important about her friendships. In particular, she was drawn to Luz’s kind and forgiving nature, and she did her best to reflect that.

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Amity then develops a full-blown crush on Luz. The otherwise serious character soon gets bouts of energy and nervousness when she’s around Luz. Amity’s attempts at covering up her crush are both comical and believable, especially for someone so young and inexperienced.

1/10 “I’ve Never Actually Broken Any Of Your Stupid Laws! In Front Of You!”


Eda smiling in The Owl House

There are many great lines in The Owl House, but Eda arguably has the best. In the first episode of The Owl House, The Owl Lady says her funniest quip. Eda enlisted Luz’s help to rescue King’s Crown of Power, which turned out to be a paper crown from Burger Queen.

Soon after, Eda, Luz, and King are confronted by Warden Wrath, who has been desperately trying to capture and imprison Eda. The Owl Lady makes this hilarious remark when she’s defending herself, and it perfectly encapsulates her personality.

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