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Marvel Snap PvP Battle Mode Update Gets a Release Date

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Marvel Snap’s first-ever Series Drop announcement sneakily includes a potential launch date for the previously teased PvP feature, Battle Mode.

Marvel Snap‘s PvP mode has a release date, as revealed by the developer’s most recent news announcement.

The Marvel Snap team recently announced the date for the first Series Drop for the hit card-playing game. The news piece listed the Series 4 and Series 5 cards that will be dropping to the next Series below. However, it also snuck in an exciting announcement for the game’s awaited PvP mode, stating, “The patch with this Series Drop (and the ability to Battle friends!) is currently planned for January 31st, though if we run into last minute issues we may choose to delay for a little longer to make sure things work correctly.”

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Titled Battle Mode, the feature was first unveiled in a 2023 roadmap. Rather than risking cubes, the game mode pits friends against each other to take a total of 10 health points. The health works similarly to cubes with two points taken if the game is lost, one point if the player retreats or four if someone snaps. Both participants are locked into the deck of their choosing until one player loses all their health, meaning an opponent will know what cards are in the deck and what winning condition is it building toward.

Marvel Snap’s Latest Updates

This announcement comes on the heels of the latest patch update which removed some power from the frustrating card Leader. Ahead of its official nerf, the information was leaked, which prompted a developer note clarifying Leader’s future. It said, “Leader’s effect is proving to be very frustrating to many players, and polarizing in its ability to lock down games and discourage playing some other 6-Cost cards. We are taking a bit of power away from him for now, and exploring further changes to the card in the future.” It was followed with another tweet specifying that it wasn’t a matter of whether or not Leader will receive future changes, but that the team is determining which changes are needed.

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Marvel Snap is a collectible card game that allows players to duke it out with their favorite Marvel characters. With varying powers and unique abilities, each deck can use a maximum of 12 cards to control two out of three randomized locations. As Snap players progress, they unlock new character pools for a greater diversity of winning combos and deck builds.

Marvel Snap is available for free with optional microtransactions on iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows.

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