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The Fallen Sun Reveals Idris Elba Netflix Movie Release Date

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Idris Elba and Netflix are teasing Luther: The Fallen Sun with a brand new clip on social media. Both the film’s star and the company wanted fans to know that Luther is coming back home in March of this year. Elba’s post also gives a release date for a theatrical run as it hits theaters on February 24. A couple weeks later on March 10, you can stream it on Netflix. As the Detective Chief Inspector steps out of the shadows for another go-around, you can almost hear the viewers cheering at home. It’s been a long while since people got the chance to catch up with Elba’s beloved BBC character. Series 5 seems like an eternity ago. But, when Netflix stepped into the frame as a partner for more stories, both the broadcaster and the star were absolutely down to tell more stories. 

Not too long ago, the actor sat down with Jess Cagle on SiriusXM to talk about Fallen Sun. In their chat, he teased that longtime fans should be especially happy with the new movie. Things are getting wilder than ever during the Luther film, and that will be something viewers both old and new should enjoy a ton.

“If you watched the last season, it picks up after that. but for new audiences who haven’t seen it I think the film is, it’s a whole story, so even if you don’t know where Luther, who he is or what, anything about him, the film attempts to be whole for a new audience,” Elba revealed. “We just finished filming like about three weeks ago. It was a grim shoot. Oh my gosh. It’s all fun and games as I’m reading the script. I’m like, “And then he does what? Oh wow this is incredible,” and then I’m actually doing it. I find myself freezing in some dark cave or something. No spoilers.”

How Happy Is Elba To Be Back In The Saddle?

During the BAFTA Awards back in 2021, the series star was adamant about getting this project done. “I’ve maintained I’d like to see it come to a film, and that is where I think we are heading towards — a film,” Elba chuckled. “And I’m looking forward to making that happen. It is happening. With film, the sky is the limit. You can be a little bit more bold with the storylines. And a little bit more international, and a little more up the scale. But John Luther is always going to be John Luther.”

As more fans inquired about the BBC movie, Elba could only give them a tiny taste of the overall plot, “has all the ingredients to echo those classic films of the ’90s like Seven and Along Came A Spider and I think what we’d like to attempt is use that as a blueprint to create it. It will be more murder, more Volvos, more frowning Luther. Essentially we just want to try and take it to a much bigger remit and scale and perhaps international as well.”

When do you think we’ll get a Fallen Sun trailer? Let us know down in the comments!

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