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10 Best Series HBO Should Keep

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Now that WarnerMedia is planning to merge with Discovery, Inc., the company has announced many changes to its HBO Max catalog, which will merge Discovery+. Since this announcement, Warner has made it official that some shows will be canceled and removed from the platform. This has rightfully outraged the community since some of those shows were great.

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David Zaslav already announced there wouldn’t be other cancellations, but fans are still concerned about other series. Considering its success didn’t make Westworld immune to these changes, subscribers fear certain shows, like Close Enough and Our Flag Means Death, will disappear, despite their potential.

10/10 Viewers Want Westworld Back

An image of Dolores and teddy from Westworld.

In a dystopic future, people pay to indulge in sex and violence with androids called “hosts” in a Wild-West-themed amusement park, Westworld. When the hosts develop sentience, they try to get revenge on their abusers, starting a human-vs-androids war.

Despite being one of HBO’s series with the highest viewership, Westworldwas removed from the HBO Max catalog in December 2022 after its gutting cancellation. Unfortunately for fans, the fourth season ends on a cliffhanger, so they will never know how the story ends. HBO Max shouldn’t have canceled.

9/10 Fans Truly Miss Close Enough’s Bizarre Humor

Josh, Emily, and Bridgette from Close Enough looking disgusted in a patio

Created by J. G. Quintel, Close Enough follows the lives of Josh and Emily, a 30-year-old couple sharing a duplex with their divorced friends, Alex and Bridgette. The show sees their daily lives and domestic conflicts as they evolve into complex, unbelievable gimmicks.

As of August 2022, Close Enough was canceled and removed from the HBO Max platform, which fans consider a true shame. The show was widely praised, especially for its absurd narrative and humor, similar to Regular Show, the other Quintel series. HBO Max should consider bringing it back for more random adventures with the Singleton-Ramirez. It is one of the best adult animations of its time.

8/10 Hahn’s Work In Mrs. Fletcher Is Hilarious

kathryn hahn in mrs. fletcher

A miniseries based on Tom Perrota’s novel, Mrs. Fletcher tells the story of Eve (Kathryn Hahn), a 45-year-old divorcee working in an assisted living facility who goes on a journey to find satisfaction in her life, particularly in the sexual department.

Since it is a miniseries, Mrs. Fletcher isn’t supposed to have a second season, but this is perfectly fine as long as HBO Max doesn’t remove its seven episodes from its catalog. The series is incendiary but hilarious. Everyone should have a chance to see Hahn’s incredible performance.

7/10 Made For Love Poses An Interesting Debate For Sci-Fi Fans & Haters

Cristin Milioti looking disturbed in the Made for Love HBO poster

Cristin Milioti stars in Made for Love as Hazel Green, a woman in an unhappy marriage with a tech-mogul who escapes the virtual reality where he has kept her for a decade. As she tries to become independent again, Hazel discovers that her husband put a tracking device in her brain, which gathers all her “emotional data.”

As of 2023, Made for Love has been officially removed from the HBO Max platform. However, fans think this is a mistake. The series offers a fresh perspective on sci-fi that even those who don’t like the genre will enjoy. It poses an interesting question regarding technology that will have viewers reflecting.

6/10 Our Flag Means Death Has Great LGBTQ+ Representation

Stede Bonnet and Blackbeard on the ship looking upset - Our Flag Means Death

Set in the 18th century, Our Flag Means Death centers on Stede Bonnet, a former gentleman working as a pirate who stumbles upon Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard, the famous captain. The two men form a bond based on their misadventures, eventually falling for each other.

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Our Flag Means Death is one of the funniest shows of the last few years. Taika Waititi and Rhys Darby do an incredible job with their performances. Even if it’s mostly a comedy, the series also has profound, romantic moments between the main characters. It has been praised for its LGBTQ+ representation, so HBO Max should hold on to it.

5/10 Station Eleven Does Sci-Fi Differently Than Other Series

A still from Station Eleven showing Kirsten and Elizabeth smiling

When a group of street performers trying to make it in a post-apocalyptic world stumble upon a mysterious cult leader, the audience is taken by the hand into a complex conspiracy. This mystery, which may explain how a pandemic ended with the world as humanity knew it, will keep viewers glued to the screen.

Fans would love to have Westworld back, but if this isn’t possible, Station Elevenshould stay to quench their thirst. Based on a book by Emily St. John Mandel, the series reminds people that, even when society has collapsed, there’s always space for art. This is a refreshing perspective in science fiction.

4/10 The Possibilities For Love Life Are Endless

Anna Kendrick and William Jackson Harper in Love Life

A rom-com anthology created by Sam Boyd, Love Life centers on a different character per season, following every one of their romances until the last. The show’s premise is that everyone’s experiences with love are different, and they shape them into who they are.

HBO Max canceled Love Life after two seasons — one starring Anna Kendrick and another starring William Jackson Harper. However, it could have had many others, as there are infinite possibilities regarding relationships. For example, it never explored the possibility of LGBTQ+ romances on the show.

3/10 The Nevers Had So Much Potential

Laura Donnelly as Amalia True in The Nevers looking concerned

After a mysterious alien intervention, a group of people from the Victorian era gain all kinds of superpowers. Known as the Touched, they become society’s pariahs. Amalia True and Penance Adair, two superpowered women, make it their mission to save as many Touched as possible.

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HBO Max already canceled The Neversafter one season, which is truly a shame. The show didn’t have a proper resolution. Instead, it left viewers with more questions than answers. After winning the project from Netflix’s hands in a bidding war, HBO should’ve given the fans a conclusion for the story.

2/10 Subscribers Will Riot If HBO Max Removes The White Lotus

The staff of The White Lotus Sicilia in the second season of the show

The White Lotus centers on the staff and guests of one of the many White Lotus hotels around the world. The show sees their personal dramas as they intertwine, using a mystery murder as the axis of the show. Its thrilling nature makes it a completely binge-worthy HBO Max show.

The White Lotus is full of flawed but relatable characters that have charmed the fans even when they keep making mistakes. The structure of the series would allow for many other seasons. Since people love the series, they would be outraged if HBO canceled it.

1/10 Hacks Has Been Widely Praised

Deborah and Ava talking in Hacks

When Deborah Vance, a legendary comedienne working in Las Vegas, loses her residency at the Palmetto Casino, she realizes her act has become obsolete. In order to reinvent herself and become successful again, she hires Ava Daniels, a new comedy writer who has been canceled for a problematic tweet.

Hacks is one of the best series in the HBO Max catalog. Its high-level comedy, combined with the performances of Jean Smart and Hanna Einbinder, makes it a delight to watch. So far, the series has two seasons and has been renewed for a third one. Regardless, fans surely won’t have enough even after this premieres.

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