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5 Great Horror Movies With High Body Counts

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There are a few movies that stand out in the horror genre for the high number of gruesome deaths and murders that have resulted in a large body count.

The first trailer for Evil Dead Rise excited fans with the latest entry in the long-running franchise. It not only featured the same terror fans of the series were hoping to see but also teased a high body count in the new apartment building setting. Evil Dead Rise could join an elite category of horror movies that have also been recognized for their incredibly large kill counts.

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Horror films from The Purge franchise have consistently scored large body counts, though one sits high above the others. Zombie apocalypse films like Dawn of the Dead also have a high tally given the nature of the stories. Of course, the extreme body count of films in the Hellraiser franchise might be a bit more surprising to fans.

5/5 The First Purge

130+ Kills

Poster for The First Purge referencing the Stature of Liberty

2018’s The First Purge was the fourth film in the hit horror series. It was a prequel that explored the beginnings of the dark dystopian American event known as the Purge. 2016’s The Purge: Election Year racked up haunting numbers, but The First Purge outdid the previous entry.

The First Purge followed the birth of the New Founding Fathers of America. The new government tested the Purge on Staten Island and offered money to anyone who participated. The government outfitted those who choose to purge with contact lens cameras, which served to increase the number of brutal kills caught on video during The First Purge.

4/5 Dawn Of The Dead

140+ Kills

Armored buses moving through a zombie horde in 2004's Dawn of the Dead

While George A. Romero’s original film featured a high body count as well, Zack Snyder’s 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead upped the threat level quite a bit. One of the scariest movie zombie outbreaks forced a group of survivors to barricade themselves inside a mall.

Almost any zombie film is going to have a high body count. However, Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead featured incredibly fast zombies, as opposed to the usually slow Romero versions. Even without counting the sheer amount of living undead in the film, the zombies and the survivors each tallied up a number of kills as the living fought to find a safe place in a dark new world.

3/5 Brightburn

274 Kills

Brandon Breyer In Brightburn

2019’s Brightburn was a dark take on the iconic origin story of Superman. After an alien ship crashed in Kansas, a couple raised the infant they found inside as their own. When young Brandon Breyer reached a certain age and found the ship that brought him to Earth.

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The ship not only unlocked his incredible alien abilities but Breyer was also consumed by dark thoughts of death and conquest. He created a terrifying masked identity and began testing his powerful abilities by taking out members of the town, and eventually, his own family. Breyer then crashed a passenger jet flying overhead into his farmhouse to cover up his horrific actions.

2/5 Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth

350+ Kills

Pinhead from Hellraiser III Hell on Earth

While Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth may not be the best entry in the horror franchise, it is far from the worst. And for horror fans looking for high body counts, the third Hellraiser surprisingly includes a few incredibly gory scenes that upped its kill count.

Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth featured a few flashbacks to the Vietnam War that racked up over 50 kills. However, it’s Pinhead’s unrestrained spree of violence after he’s freed from hell that really added to the film’s body count. Pinhead proved he was one of the most capable slasher villains when he decimated a packed nightclub, tallying nearly 250 brutal kills there alone.

1/5 Cabin In The Woods

All of Humanity

Cabin In The Woods Monsters - The Ancient Ones

It might be surprising to some horror fans to see a movie like Cabin in the Woods sit so high above other iconic films. While Cabin in the Woods featured impressive monsters, it was the shocking twist ending that potentially took out every single person on planet Earth. The majority of the film saw a group of friends fighting against a dark government operation.

The survivors eventually learned that the ancient organization sacrificed certain trope characters seen in horror movies to fulfill an ancient pact with Eldritch monsters. When that pact went unfulfilled, a giant smoldering hand rose out of the ground. It presumably ended the world and took out all of humanity.

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