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Iron Man’s Relapse May Lead to Another Superhero Registration Act

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Iron Man is filmed at a low point, and the media shows that one resulting public opinion is to bring back the act that started Marvel’s Civil War.

To the Marvel Universe’s general public, Tony Stark has relapsed, and the media shows one opinion is to bring back the Superhuman Registration Act as a result.

Written by Gerry Duggan and illustrated by Juan Frigeri, a preview of Invincible Iron Man #2 shows different reactions to Tony seen exiting a bar while suffering from what appears like an over-consumption of alcohol. The instance was filmed and posted online, causing Stark Unlimited’s stock prices to drop and its CEO to issue a statement reminding the public that Tony is no longer involved in the company. One man-on-the-street interview talks about bringing back the Superhuman Registration Act, the man saying, “You know, when I see a dude who controls a nuclear-powered suit of armor lying wasted on the street, I kind of miss the Registration Act.”

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  • Stormbreakers Variant Cover by CHRIS ALLEN
  • Connecting Variant Cover by BOB LAYTON
  • Variant Cover by PEACH MOMOKO
  • Classic Homage Variant Cover by ESAD RIBIC
  • The assassination attempts on Tony’s life continue as a familiar foe returns to take him down. It’ll be up to Iron Man and Ironheart to stop him…but what secret is Riri Williams harboring from Tony? And will this change their relationship forever?
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Marvel’s Superhuman Registration and Powers Acts, Explained

The Superhuman Registration Act is what caused Marvel’s Civil War event, in which Iron Man and Captain America fought each other with the support of superheroes forced to pick sides. Iron Man was in favor of the act then, which forced superhumans to surrender their secret identities to the government and require government permission to carry out super heroics. The act has been abolished in the Marvel Universe, though New York has its own laws that can impact Tony as a result of the Powers Act.

The Powers Act kickstarted the Marvel event Devil’s Reign, enacted by the Kingpin while he was the mayor of New York City. The law allows anyone who displays superhuman or vigilante feats to be arrested and incarcerated. Luke Cage ran against Kingpin to become New York’s next mayor and get rid of the Powers Act, which he successfully did by the start of the latest Thunderbolts miniseries, but vigilantism is still outlawed in the city (though many New York-based Marvel heroes like Tony are still in action).

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Iron Man’s New Villain Remains a Mystery

Tony has other concerns aside from legal troubles, however. The preview seems to reveal that Tony didn’t relapse, but was actually poisoned. After toxins are found in his system, Ironheart/Riri Williams asks Tony, “The world thinks you fell off the wagon tonight. You plan on correcting the story?” So far in Marvel’s new Invincible Iron Man series, Tony is up against an unknown enemy who has blown up his former brownstone home (killing an older woman) and forced a kidnapped man to fight Tony while wearing another mechanized suit of armor.

Along with Duggan and Frigeri, Invincible Iron Man #2 is colored by Bryan Valenza and lettered by VC’s Joe Caramagna. Main cover art for the issue is by Kael Ngu, with variant cover artwork contributed to by Chris Allen, David Curiel, Bob Layton, Paul Mounts, Peach Momoko, David Nakayama and Esad Ribić. The issue goes on sale Jan. 18 from Marvel Comics.

Source: Marvel

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