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Star Wars Makes a Strong Case for a Darth Vader Disney+ Series

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Star Wars’ Darth Vader is one of sci-fi’s best villains, and while a Disney+ series is unnecessary, it’s also easy to understand the appeal.

Darth Vader is Star Wars‘ most intimidating villain — and since Disney bought the franchise, it has been working harder to make the menacing Sith even more terrifying. After Hayden Christensen’s return in Obi-Wan Kenobi, fans are feeling the urge for a Darth Vader series more now than ever before. While the Star Wars canon does have plenty of Vader stories to tell, finding an actual purpose for the show would be the real problem.

Between his multiple Marvel Comics, his appearance in Star Wars Rebels and then Obi-Wan Kenobi, Vader fever is at an all-time high. Christensen’s willingness to return in the role has viewers curious about the character’s future. A Vader series on Disney+ may not be needed, but with the right story it can be incredible and serve a purpose within the Star Wars universe, similar to how the prequel films paved the way for Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It can also be a disaster.

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A Darth Vader Series Can Take Place During the Empire’s Rise

Darth Vader and Reva Hologram in Star Wars.

When the Empire rose to power, there were many planets that required a firm hand to bring them into alignment. If there was a big enough problem, Vader was sent to handle it. However, a lot of this time period has already been covered in the comics. While Star Wars hasn’t shied away from changing canon, the books and comics always seem to come second to the films and TV shows. A Vader series would likely make changes to the comic canon to bring it in line with the Star Wars movies in development.

However, TV audiences could see the anger and anguish that Vader experienced while caged in his suit. Christensen did an outstanding job of conveying Vader’s anger in Obi-Wan Kenobi. Bringing him back for his own Disney+ series would give him the opportunity to further explore the duality of Darth Vader. What the series wouldn’t want to do is humanize Vader, who was unquestionably evil at that point in the timeline, and making a series about a villain would be a challenge.

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Darth Vader’s Legacy Will Be Difficult for Star Wars to Navigate

Darth Vader

Darth Vader’s presence looms large in Star Wars history. Even in the sequels, he was a main factor in Kylo Ren’s motivation. Navigating that legacy is a monstrous task for any creative person. While the understated Obi-Wan Kenobi and the comics managed to keep Vader true to character, the more stories that are told, the harder it will be. An underwhelming series about Vader could affect his long-standing legacy as one of the most recognizable fictional villains in media.

The question isn’t if Star Wars fans would watch a Darth Vader series or if Vader could carry his own series, because the answer is obviously yes to both of those. The question that needs to be answered is if a Vader series is worth the effort. It would result in comic canon being altered and could affect the character’s long-term prospects. The right Darth Vader story could be exactly what fans want or open up new story possibilities. However, it’s also acceptable to stop telling stories about even the most popular characters and preserve what makes them great.

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