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Marvel Turns Its Strongest Character Into Terrifying New Villain

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Throughout the majority of his existence in the Marvel mythos, Robert Reynolds has been the Golden Guardian of Good. As Sentry, Reynolds has transformed himself into one of the strongest characters at the House of Ideas over the course of the past two decades. Now, thanks to the creative team behind the latest Strange series, Sentry now finds himself one of the publisher’s most terrifying villains.

In a new preview for Strange #10, due out this coming Wednesday, Clea—currently Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme—labels Sentry as the God of Demons in their battle. As it stands now, Sentry is essentially a henchmen for the Blasphemy Cartel, the magical equivalent of Marvel’s Maggia.

“SORCERERS SUPREME UNITE! Clea and Stephen Strange team up to take down the Blasphemy Cartel and their dreaded super-powered weapon! But will two Sorcerers Supreme be enough for this final battle? And what will finally become of Stephen Strange by the end of it? As one chapter closes, a new one is about to begin in the house of Strange,” Marvel writes in its synopsis for the upcoming finale issue. Keep on scrolling to see the first few pages of Strange #10!

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(Photo: Marvel Comics / Marcelo Ferreira, Roberto Poggi, Javier Tartaglia)


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Strange #10 is due out January 18th.


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