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Multiverse Kickstarter Launches on January 18th

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Marvel United is back with a brand new installment and this time around it’s heading into the Multiverse. Marvel United: Multiverse will bring new fan favorites and several beloved characters from the grander Marvel multiverse into the game along with new mechanics when it hits Kickstarter, and now CMON and Spin Master Games have revealed the campaign will launch on KickstarterĀ on January 18th at 3 PM EST. As with the first Marvel United and its follow-up, X-Men United, the game is likely to have a bevy of stretch goals and Kickstarter-exclusive characters to go with the core set, and we can’t wait to see who all is included.

So far the game has revealed characters like Ironheart, Spider-Man 2099, Captain Carter, and Cosmic Ghost Rider, but there are sure to be many more joining in on the fun. While we have to wait and bit longer to see who else will be included, a new preview was released that gives us a better indication of the new additions to gameplay, and one of the more welcome upgrades is the individuality of each character.

Marvel United Designer Andrea Chiarvesio provided some insight on this in a recent post on the official CMON blog. “A very vocal request was, ‘we want each hero to feel more unique.’ People wanted to see Captain America throwing his shield, Spider-Man using his webshooter, and Thor flying with Mjolnir. We tried to represent these through special powers in the previous season, but it’s a huge challenge to represent all the iconic special weapons, equipment, and gear in three or four special cards, while still wanting to also show the hero’s true nature and superpowers,” Chiarvesio wrote.

That’s what led to the creation of Equipment Cards, and many heroes in this season will come with their own Equipment Cards and start the game with them. An example was given of Captain Carter, who will start with her signature Shield. It can either be thrown to attack an adjacent location or used to ignore 1 damage dealt to a hero in her location and both sound pretty on par with who the character is and how she would act in the moment. Most of the characters in the game will seek to have similar authenticity reflected through these cards, and we can’t wait to find out more about the rest of the cast and their power sets.

The other big addition is a new solo mode, though this is likely not the only addition to the game fans will see when the campaign finally launches, and you can sign up to be notified about the launch on the official page.

Are you excited for Marvel United: Multiverse? Let us know in the comments and as always you can talk all things tabletop and Marvel with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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