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10 Nintendo Games With The Worst DLC

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Nintendo has had a strange history when it comes to DLC. Their first tentative steps can be traced back to the Super Famicom with content such as the Stallaview BS Zelda remake. However, compared to the likes of Sony and Microsoft, it took significantly longer for the Big N to fully embrace the information superhighway into their platforms.

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It’s no secret that the company’s handling of online play has been woefully behind the times compared to its competitors. For example, Splatoon 2‘s matchmaking system was still using NEX. Fortunately, the picture’s a bit rosier when it comes to downloadable content. However, a few duds still creep their way onto the company’s platforms now and then.

10/10 Snorlax’s Inclusion In Pokémon Snap Is Nostalgic, But Not Much Else

Games New Pokemon Snap DLC Snorlax

Snorlax was one of the many first Generation entries to be added in the DLC for the Nintendo Switch iteration of Pokémon Snap. They’re definitely an iconic part of that era with their distinct chubby cat design and narcoleptic nature. Still, they’re hardly a challenge for a game dedicated to getting the best snapshots.

Their lack of movement pretty much ensures that players will have no hassle or fun channeling their inner nature photographer. Thankfully, this DLC was free of charge, making it a considerably less egregious example.

9/10 The Wii U Port Mass Effect 3 Was Missing Some DLC

Citadel DLC for Mass Effect 3, promotional art

The finale to Bioware’s sci-fi RPG trilogy attracted much fan criticism for its underwhelming payoff and supplemental material. Sadly, it’s also the only entry to make its way to a Nintendo console. Even more lamentable was the absence of much of the game’s DLC in the Wii U port, such as Omega and the well-received Citadel.

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Fortunately, in stark contrast to its PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 counterparts, players did not have to pay extra for the content found in From Ashes. This essentially gives Wii U players characters and dialogue that should have just been part of the base game for all platforms.

8/10 Mario Kart 8’s DLC Had Some Winners And Losers

Mario driving a Mercedes Benz.

Mario Kart 8 has had its ups and downs regarding DLC. While certain tracks from the Booster Course passes can provide hours of fun, some entries, such as Wave 2, feature more duds than winners. There are also the odd Mercedes-Benz cars from the original Wii U release.

Sure, the novelty of seeing the portly plumber and his fellow cartoony pals riding these real-life cars proves to be initially amusing. However, they serve as a reminder that even in the Mushroom Kingdom, there’s no escaping the insidious hand of product placement.

7/10 The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Charged Money For Its Hard Mode

Ad for the season pass in Breath of the Wild.

After years of hand-holding titles, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild brought back the freedom and mystery that had been absent from the series for far too long. With such a vast open world and a superb foundation, the potential for additional content was seemingly endless.

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Despite this, the season pass provoked a polarizing response from fans. Some new content, such as the motorcycle, was appreciated, while others lambasted the company’s decision to charge money for the game’s hard mode. Players also decried the inability to purchase the content individually.

6/10 Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder Was Out Of Focus

The mechanical pal takes up photography in Chibi Robo Photo Finder

The first few Chibi-Robo! titles for the GameCube and Nintendo DS may not have gotten the same amount of attention as Mario or Zelda. Still, they managed to attract a cult following for their quirky premise and endearing robot butler. Its second DS outing would sadly not make its way to Western shores.

Fans had to wait until 2013 until the little guy was taken off of sleep mode for the 3DS with the downloadable title Photo Finder. Unfortunately, the return proved more than a little underwhelming due to its camera-focused mini-game structure and clunky camera functionality.

5/10 Min Min Is The Scrappy Of Smash Bros Ultimate

The character Min Min competes in the Smash Bros Tournament.

The DLC fighters in Super Smash Bros Brawl have been met with wildly varying responses. While the Big N has managed to net some pretty neat deals with the likes of Microsoft and Square, other characters have elicited a much colder reception.

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Fans complained of the over-saturation of “anime guys with swords” in the roster, such as Blythe and the hard-to-control Piranah Plant. However, most of the ire has been reserved for a character who made her debut in ARMS – Min Min. Players generally find her learning curve rather steep and regard her as an unmemorable character in her own right.

4/10 Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia’s Season Pass Cost More Than The Game

Alm and Celica reuniting in Fire Emblem Shadows of Valentia

While Fire Emblem Shadows of Valentia was generally well-received, its DLC courted quite a bit of controversy from players. Its price point certainly gained much attention for being more than the actual game. Compared to the content found in Awakening and Fates, the content found in the Season Pass, such as the extra dungeons and story content, was regarded as a little underwhelming.

Some fans complained that the exclusive classes found in Lost Altars Pack made the game imbalanced and outright broken. Ultimately, players regarded it as little more than a cash grab.

3/10 WarioWare: Snapped Was Far From A Pretty Picture

The cast from WarioWare: Snapped! poses For a Picture

The WarioWare games are generally known for being fun and quirky titles filled to the brim with mini-games that make the most of their respective hardware. However, the 3DS downloadable title Snapped is what happens when such hardware doesn’t work correctly.

Sure, the game retains the humor and anarchic charm that the series is known for, but it’s a moot point when players can’t properly control the photographic-themed mini-games. Depending on a player’s perspective, its brevity either makes for an overpriced piece of trash or an act of mercy on Nintendo’s part.

2/10 Artificial Scarcity Take The Shine Out Of Amiibos

A collection of figures known as Amiibos.

Largely speculated to be Nintendo’s response to the then-burgeoning toys-to-life craze in the late 2010s, Amiibos are little figures which allow players to unlock exclusive content with specific titles. While enjoyed for their incorporation in titles such as Smash Bros, they’ve provoked a bit of a mixed reception among the gaming community.

Stephanie Sterling praised them for invoking nostalgic memories of toys such as Barcode Battlers, but accused Nintendo of making them artificially scarce to entice FOMO from consumers. Others have deemed them overpriced, considering that they’re little more than plastic toys that unlock on-disc DLC.

Sonic The Lost World game advertisement

Of all the blue blur’s 3D outings, Lost World may very well be his most polarizing. While the Wii U version had some admittedly neat free DLC in the form of the Zelda and Yoshi levels, the pre-order bonus was nothing short of head-scratching.

In what may very well be the dumbest DLC of all time, pre-orders of Sonic Lost World promised players 25 additional extra lives. It’s amazing that a platformer as late as 2013 not only stuck with an outdated lives system, but tried to offer players a little more as an extra incentive to beat the rush.

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