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Operation Fortune Tries to Copy Nicolas Cage’s Best Film

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Guy Ritchie’s Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre copies the big arc in Nic Cage’s wildest and best outing but ends up botching it terribly.

The following contains spoilers for Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre, now in theaters.

Guy Ritchie’s Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre is a winding spy story involving Jason Statham’s Orson Fortune, carving out a tale akin to Mission: Impossible. Here, Fortune has to crack a politically-charged case for the British government, with the private contractor realizing a mysterious weapon’s out on the black market, soliciting billions. Fortune recruits Sarah (played by Aubrey Plaza) as his hacker, J.J. as his muscle and Josh Hartnett’s Danny as a handsome distraction, eager to infiltrate the wealthy circle of Hugh Grant’s Greg.

As it turns out, Greg’s the middle-man, leaving the team desperate to identify the buyer. Interestingly, as Greg takes them beyond the firmament of the people he considers peasants and into a lavish lifestyle, Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre ends up botching its take on Nicolas Cage’s best film.

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The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent dealt with Cage playing himself, heading to Javi’s (played by Pedro Pascal) mansion in Spain to earn money. Javi wanted Cage there to discuss film and possible collaboration, but Javi was also a fanboy. He was obsessed with everything related to Cage, keeping props from his movies, including weapons and cars.

However, the CIA tapped Cage as a spy to gain information on Javi. Luckily, Javi wasn’t a warlord; his cousin, Paco, was actually the terrorist using their riches for illegal ops. The film concluded with Cage and Javi teaming up in an explosive finale, gunning down Paco and his crew. To top it off, they made their adventure a critically acclaimed movie, capping things in a hilarious fashion as Cage poked fun at his iconic and bad roles.

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Operation Fortune Fails Its Hollywood Spy

Operation Fortune has Greg and Danny duping terrorists

Operation Fortune copies the same arc, with Danny as a Hollywood star who Greg swoons over on a boat cruise. The tycoon then invites the gang to his Turkish mansion, with Danny as a misdirection. That allows Team Fortune to discover the deal where Greg’s arranging the sale of an A.I. that could break the world’s financial system. But the problem is that Danny’s not that essential to the plot, as Greg gives Sarah more attention.

In fact, Danny and Greg don’t even bond much, outside of Greg giving Danny a car that was a prop in one of his films. This relationship could have been explored more, creating conflict as Danny’s having trouble manipulating Greg and Greg wants to be a better person due to Danny’s hope and optimism. That would have explained why Greg didn’t mind flipping to help Fortune get the weapon. This nuance existed in spades with Cage and Javi, but there’s not much meat for Danny and Greg to draw compassion from.

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It’s why, when the duo partner in the finale and intimidate the terrorists, it doesn’t feel organic. It’s understandable Danny’s using this for inspiration, but he and Greg needed more time to be a believable duo. Skipping all this depth paints the mid-credits scene when they’re making their movie after the James Bond-like Fortune stops the villains as anticlimactic. It’s not as cerebral as when Cage and Javi made their film, ultimately shaping Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre as a bad imitation.

To see Greg and Danny’s partnership fail to materialize, Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre is now playing in theaters.

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