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The Last of Us Part 2 on Major Sale for New HBO TV Show

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The Last of Us Part 2 is currently on a special sale alongside the release of the new HBO TV show. While the events of the TV show don’t follow the events of the sequel, but rather the first game, finding a discount on the first game is impossible right now. You can find a discount price on the PS4 remaster that’s almost a decade old, but not the recent remake. This is odd because you’d think PlayStation would want some extra synergy, but maybe it’s using this synergy to get new fans to pay full price for the remake. Further, it’s not even discounting the sequel. On the PlayStation Store, The Last of Us Part II is the full $39.99. However, over on Walmart, it’s only $18.99.

How long this deal is available, we don’t know, but it’s one of the best Last of Us deals you’re going to find on the Internet right now as most retailers seem to be using the show as an opportunity to sell some fully priced copies of the first game and its sequel.

“Five years after their dangerous journey across the post-pandemic United States, Ellie and Joel have settled down in Jackson, Wyoming,” reads an official blurb about the game. “Living amongst a thriving community of survivors has allowed them peace and stability, despite the constant threat of the infected and other, more desperate survivors. When a violent event disrupts that peace, Ellie embarks on a relentless journey to carry out justice and find closure. As she hunts those responsible one by one, she is confronted with the devastating physical and emotional repercussions of her actions.

“Even though The Last of Us Part II relishes in making players uncomfortable and reminding them characters can lose everything at a moment’s notice, those bleak traits are part of the game’s appeal even if the charm’s a morbid one,” reads a snippet from our glowing review of the game. “It’s a monumental effort in storytelling and a model for tales of vengeance and repercussions pushed forward by gratifying gameplay, and while not everything you do will sit right with you, the game never leads players to believe the result would be anything different.”

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