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A Mutant Revealed the Weakness of Wakanda’s Next Leader

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In Black Panther #13, an underrated mutant hero reveals the weakness of Wakanda’s next leader – but there’s still time to correct the issue.

The following contains major spoilers for Black Panther #13, available now from Marvel Comics.

When T’Challa’s most closely held secrets very nearly tore Wakanda apart, it fell on some of the nation’s unsung heroes to hold it together. In the process, some of those heroes were given the chance to step into the spotlight, and none were more successful than Tosin Oduye. Though Tosin has proven himself to be more than capable on the battlefield, he is quickly learning just how far out of his element he is when it comes to the wider world of superheroes.

With the threat posed by T’Challa’s former friend and sleeper agent, Jhai, the titular hero of Black Panther #13 (by John Ridley, Germán Peralta, Sebastian Chang, and VC’s Joe Sabino) and his allies can only race against time to prevent whatever the villain has planned. During Shuri, Quiet, and Tosin’s journey across the globe, the latter two find an opportunity to discuss the situation at hand among themselves. While Tosin still has a deep-seated distrust of T’Challa, Quiet knows that everything the Black Panther has done was in the hopes of maintaining peace. Quiet also knows that, if Tosin could ever wrap his head around the decisions T’Challa made, he too would have all that it takes to be Wakanda’s next great leader.

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A Wakandan Hero’s Weakness Was Just Exposed

black panther 13 stability at all costs

When Tosin Oduye was introduced in John Ridley and Germán Peralta’s “The Wakandan” from the pages of 2022’s Black Panther #3, the eponymous nation was on the verge of falling apart at the seams. While the Black Panther was looking for mutantkind’s help, the Hatut Zeraze were preparing to overthrow Wakanda’s still fledgling parliamentary government. All the while, Tosin and his fellow members of the isolationist Marube Tribe watched on in anticipation of what would come next. Much like his fellow Marube, Tosin was never a part of the Wakandan lifestyle which involved gleaming towers or vibranium technology, yet that didn’t stop him from caring deeply for his nation’s future.

Once the battle for Wakanda erupted, Tosin eschewed his tribe’s apathetic ways in favor of taking to the front lines. Tosin wasn’t necessarily fighting for T’Challa, but rather for Wakanda as a whole. In fact, it was Tosin who was directly responsible for saving the life of Prime Minister Folasade. In the time since, Tosin has only further cemented his place as a hero, so much so that many fans have assumed it will be him who ultimately takes up the mantle of Black Panther once T’Challa’s time comes to an end. Unfortunately, Quiet is right when he says that isn’t likely to happen, at least not without Tosin moving past the preconceived notions that have largely informed his worldview

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Tosin Doesn’t Trust the Black Panther

black panther 13 fresh leadership

This isn’t to say that Tosin is wrong for not putting his full faith in the Black Panther, nor is he for holding a grudge after T’Challa’s actions endangered their homeland. If anything, that sort of innate distrust of authority is probably a good thing considering all that Tosin has lived through. At the same time, he is incredibly young for all the responsibilities that are falling on his shoulders, and being able to come to terms with the more sordid aspects of being both a hero and a leader is something he is far from having a solid grasp on.

With any luck, having the likes of Quiet, Shuri, and T’Challa around to show him the ropes will impart to Tosin everything he needs to know in order to come into his own as a leader. Even if the coming days don’t endear Tosin to T’Challa’s cause, there is no doubt that they will open his eyes to the hard truths that accompany their line of work. And, for where he seems to be headed, there really couldn’t be a greater gift than that.

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