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Rainbow Six Movie in the Works with Michael B. Jordan and John Wick Director

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A Rainbow Six movie is in the works with Michael B. Jordan set to star. Author Tom Clancy is one of the most popular authors when it comes to adaptations. Not only have his books been adapted for the screen through TV shows and films many times over the years via the Jack Ryan franchise amongst other things, but he also secured a lucrative deal with Ubisoft many years ago. Since then, Ubisoft has used the Tom Clancy branding to adapt Rainbow Six into an absurdly successful multiplayer franchise and also create new IP that are in the vein of the author’s work.

A new adaptation is in the works based on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six IP, specifically the novel, and it will star Michael B. Jordan. However, this is also sort of a sequel/follow-up to another film Jordan did. In 2021, Amazon released Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse, which is also based on a Tom Clancy story. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Rainbow Six will be a Paramount movie and serve as a follow-up to Without Remorse. Michael B. Jordan is the only confirmed star and will reprise the role of CIA operative John Clark. John Wick director Chad Stahelski, who is also doing the Ghost of Tsushima movie, will helm the project. No plot details have been revealed, but you can probably expect this to stick closer to the books than the games. However, Stahelski’s gaming knowledge may mean he may sprinkle some gaming Easter eggs in there. As of right now, Paramount is reportedly looking to release this theatrically as opposed to directly to streaming, but no final decision has been made.

As of right now, it remains to be seen when this movie will actually release. Stahelski has a lot of projects on his plate, so it’s unknown where in the batting order this one falls. Either way, Rainbow Six is an incredibly popular IP and is bound to draw some eyes, even if it is based more on the book. Given The Witcher adapted its books, but still managed to appeal to those who played the games, it’s possible Rainbow Six could do the same.

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