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Young Sheldon Made George’s Affair Even More Awkward

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Young Sheldon viewers know that it’s only a matter of time before George has an affair with Brenda, and things just got even more awkward.

The following contains spoilers from Young Sheldon Season 6, Episode 10, “Pancake Sunday and Textbook Flirting,” which debuted Thursday, Jan. 12 on CBS.

While Sheldon Cooper is Young Sheldon’s unquestioned protagonist, it’s the ensemble cast that’s pushing the series forward in Season 6. More specifically, it’s their awkward situations and complicated relationships that regularly flesh out the plot. From Georgie’s not-a-relationship with Mandy to Meemaw’s on-again-off-again thing with Dale, there’s plenty of drama to go around.

However, the juiciest bit of drama has yet to happen. Fans of The Big Bang Theory know that George is supposed to have an affair shortly before he dies. Because of Young Sheldon’s timeline, his death still seems to be a season or two off, but his affair could happen in the near future. In fact, most viewers believe that (unless Young Sheldon ditches TBBT canon) it’s only a matter of time before George has a tragic affair with Brenda Sparks. Unfortunately, that will be extremely awkward after the series’ most recent development.

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Mary Was Lonely Without Her Church Fiends

George and Marry Young Sheldon

As expected, Episode 10, “Pancake Sunday and Textbook Flirting” opened with pancakes on a Sunday. Because of Pastor Jeff’s villainy, they weren’t going to church anymore. That’s why Mary wanted to find a way for her family to be together, but everyone was busy. George was golfing with Wayne, Missy was going to Six Flags, and Sheldon wanted to eat cereal. Given that, Mary took her pancakes over to Meemaw’s house. Dale was there — and they ate the pancakes — but they didn’t want to spend the day with Mary.

With no one to spend time with, Mary tried to watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine with Sheldon, but that didn’t go over well. When George got home, he encouraged Mary to make some new friends. Mary did just that and went to the bowling alley for a drink. While there, she ran into Brenda, who begrudgingly asked Mary to join her group of friends for the evening.

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Young Sheldon Made George’s Affair Even More Awkward

Brenda and Marry Young Sheldon

While Benda was reluctant to ask Mary to join, they ended up having a great time. The two of them already work at the same place, and they’ve had drinks before. However, showing them bonding made George’s potential affair considerably worse. It didn’t stop there, though. Somehow Brenda’s friends knew that she had a special someone, who was married. Naturally, Mary and the group vowed to find out who that someone was.

Viewers assumed that the special someone was George, and George thought the same thing. He confronted Brenda in the chicken coop, but she acted like there was someone else. Maybe she really did have another lover, but maybe she was just trying to make George jealous. Regardless, the fact that Mary is getting closer to Brenda — the person who will likely ruin the Coopers’ marriage — is awkward, tragic and so many other things. Obviously, Sheldon will take his father’s affair hard, but if Young Sheldon keeps its current trajectory, Mary will get the worst of it.

Young Sheldon airs Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. on CBS and streams on Paramount+.

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