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Chainsaw Man Cosplay Readies for Reze’s Season 2 Debut

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Chainsaw Man is still taking over the world thanks to the debut of its anime adaptation last Fall, and one awesome cosplay is readying for Reze’s big debut in the series in the potential second season! The first season wrapped up its run last Fall, but unfortunately has yet to confirm whether or not the anime will be coming back for more episodes. This is all but likely considering the massive success and fan response to everything that went down during the course of the first season, and considering the major teases dropped for what could be coming next. 

The final moments of the first season of the anime teased the arrival of one of the hugest characters fans of the manga want to see in action. Reze, who is the major antagonist for the next arc of the series, is likely going to be one of the leading figures fans will get to see with a potential second season. Preparing for that moment is artist @nerokowu on Instagram, who has brought the explosive fan favorite to life with some perfect cosplay! Check it out: 

How to Catch Up With Chainsaw Man Before Season 2

A second season of Chainsaw Man has yet to be confirmed to be in the works, but that also means there’s plenty of time to catch up with everything that’s happened so far. You can find the most recent chapters of the manga now available with Viz Media’s digital Shonen Jump library, and if the anime’s more your speed, you can find the first season of the series now streaming with Crunchyroll. As for what to expect from the anime, they tease Chainsaw Man‘s first season as such:

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“Denji is a young boy who works as a Devil Hunter with the ‘Chainsaw Devil’ Pochita. One day, as he was living his miserable life trying to pay off the debt he inherited from his parents, he got betrayed and killed. As he was losing his consciousness, he made a deal with Pochita, and got resurrected as the ‘Chainsaw Man’: the owner of the Devil’s heart.”

What are you hoping to see from Reze in Chainsaw Man’s anime future? Let us know all of your thoughts about it and everything anime in the comments! 

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