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Charles Xavier Hunts for Mister Sinister in Marvel’s Immortal X-Men #10

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Charles Xavier and his dream take center stage in Kieron Gillen and Lucas Werneck’s thought-provoking and reflective Immortal X-Men #10.

  • Immortal X-Men #10 cover
    Immortal X-Men #10

    Kieron Gillen

    Lucas Werneck

    Clayton Cowles

    Cover Artist:
    Mark Brooks



    Release Date:

    David Curiel

Immortal X-Men follows the Quiet Council, the ruling government of Krakoa. Since the beginning of the Krakoan era, it has been clear that Nathaniel Essex, aka Mister Sinister, has ulterior motives at play. In recent months, those machinations have moved to the forefront of Immortal X-Men and now come to a head as the X-Men line barrels towards Sins of Sinister. Utilizing a new narrator for each issue, this series gives readers added layers of insight into what each member of the Quiet Council is thinking. With Immortal X-Men #10, written by Kieron Gillen with art by Lucas Werneck, colors by David Curiel, letters by Clayton Cowles, and design by Tom Muller and Jay Bowen, Charles Xavier takes center stage.

Mister Sinister, for reasons unknown, is determined to eliminate the ruling body of Krakoa. Using a plethora of Moira clones for multiple attempts at his assault, Sinister succeeds in murdering half of the Quiet Council. After his accomplishment, he flees. The remnants of mutant leadership first have to navigate their resurrection protocols without Hope Summers and then go on the hunt for Sinister. Narration from Xavier accompanies the action across the issue in an almost detached manner.

Immortal X-Men #10 preview page 1

Gillen does an outstanding job with Immortal X-Men #10. The surface plot of the issue, bringing the Council back and then hunting for Sinister, is a thrilling sequence of events. The deeper writing, coming from Xavier’s narration, is a brilliant display of understanding a character. Xavier is a complicated leader. Many would consider him to be a good guy, but he isn’t, really. His dream and goals, both for human- and mutant-kind, are good, but he’s done innumerable terrible things to achieve those goals. This issue digs into the thoughts of his psyche and reads almost like a confession. Xavier acknowledges that he isn’t the best person but that he’s far better than he could be with his power. The amount of power he has in the hands of someone eviler is a terrifying proposition, one the issue hammers home well.

Werneck’s art is phenomenal from cover to cover. There are a ton of characters, big action scenes, and quiet moments of reflection. All are rendered with incredible detail, and the action is pulse-pounding, epic, and easy to follow. Werneck consistently makes each character a treat to look at, and the decision to not render backgrounds in certain scenes gives the foregrounded art added emphasis. From scenery to character design and expressions, Immortal X-Men #10 is a visual feast.

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Immortal X-Men #10 preview page 2

Curiel’s colors are electric. Bright, even, and deliberate, they elevate the already wonderful art. Warm hues bathe scenes of hope and optimism in a warmth that’s palpable. Blasts from sonic beams and telekinetic barrages illuminate the page. The colors always match the mood of a given scene and further create the visceral atmosphere of the book. Cowles’ lettering is consistent and effective. It’s mostly understated in this issue, with Xavier’s narration boxes feeling almost like a quiet recounting. He effectively places each bubble or box of text on the page, seamlessly guiding the reader from one point of action to another.

Xavier’s dream, and what it means practically, is put under the microscope in Immortal X-Men #10. The integrity of his character is examined in an incredibly succinct way as the story tackles the purpose of the X-Men in relation to the rest of the world and to mutantkind, giving thoughtful commentary on each. It’s an issue that will bring chills to readers’ spines and carries a powerful sense of foreboding. With Immortal X-Men #10, Gillen and the rest of the creative team deliver an intense prelude to Sins of Sinister and an incredible character study on Charles Xavier.

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