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DC Just Gave Lex Luthor His Own Version of Mega-Man

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The chaos of Lazarus Planet ended up transforming Lex Luthor’s best minion into DC’s version of Mega Man, giving her a powerful upgrade.

Mercy Graves quickly made the transition from the DC Animated Universe to the DC Universe proper after her introduction in Superman: The Animated Series. A loyal and capable assistant to Lex Luthor in all of his assorted endeavors, Mercy has proven to be a particularly flexible agent for Luthor over the years. But her latest boost might just turn her into the ultimate adaptable ally.

Mercy Graves is one of the people shown to be affected by the events of the Lazarus Volcanoes in the story “Breakthrough” from Lazarus Planet: Assault on Krypton #1 (by Frank Barbiere, Sami Basri, Vicente Cifuentes, Hi-Fi, and Dave Sharpe), gaining some surprising cybernetic powers. It’s a big shift and effectively turns Mercy into DC’s version of Mega Man.

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How Lex Luthor’s Mercy Graves Is Transformed By Lazarus Planet

Superman Mercy Graves Mega Man Planet Lazarus 3

The chaos of Lazarus Planet has been affecting the entire DC Universe, circumventing even the strongest of defenses. This includes LexCorp, where an outpouring of energy ends up blasting Mercy Graves. Knocking her into an advanced cybernetic suit, the residual energy from the Lazarus Volcano ended up infusing her with cybernetic qualities and abilities. As she quickly discovers while facing down some massive genetically modified wolves who’d been unleashed in the chaos, Mercy discovers she’s more or less become an adaptable android.

Mercy learns that she can brush off potentially lethal wounds, and transform her limbs into other weapons. She even learns how to adapt and copy other devices’ attributes, as she morphs her arm into an energy cannon. It’s a surprising but fortuitous beat, as it allows Mercy to quickly take down the wolves once. But it also adds an interesting new layer to Mercy Graves, and could more or less set her up as the DC Universe’s version of Mega Man.

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Mercy Graves Has Become Lex Luthor’s Very Own Mega Man

Superman Mercy Graves Mega Man Planet Lazarus 2

Mega Man has been at the center of one of video gaming’s most enduring franchises, with multiple iterations of the character coming into prominence over the last forty years. In his most basic form, Mega Man is a heroic robot who is sent up against other cybernetic threats, defeating them each in turn and gaining their unique powers. In theory, Mercy seems to have made a similar transformation. She’s clearly superhuman, given the brutality she brushes off during the course of the fight. Her cybernetics go deep into her body, giving her a new metallic and adaptable skeleton that can make her useful in almost any situation. The most obvious parallel is her new arm cannon form, which looks and functions almost identically to Mega Man’s Mega Buster.

Mercy’s transformation could make her an even more pivotal ally within Luthor’s orbit, giving her access to a lot of abilities on a changing basis. She could be particularly helpful against other heroes who use cybernetics. She could effectively become the ultimate swiss army henchman, quickly dealing with any problems that Luthor encounters going forward. Considering how powerful Superman has become, it’s not a bad thing for Luthor to have more power at his side. Mercy’s adaptability stemming from the Lazarus Volcano eruption might also give her a better edge over Luthor. Any upgrades he gave her would likely come with an off-switch, given Luthor’s nature and history. But because the power boost came as a result of an accident, it’s more likely Mercy will have full autonomy from Luthor.

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