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Dungeons & Dragons TV Director Comments on Upcoming Show

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The script writer and director of the pilot episode of the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons television show has provided his first comment on the new TV series. Shortly after Deadline broke the news that Paramount+ had ordered an eight-episode Dungeons & Dragons television series, Rawson Marshall Thurber confirmed the news with a short tweet. “Beyond thrilled,” he wrote on Twitter. “Nat 20.”Thurber wrote the pilot script for the upcoming television series and will also direct the first episode of the series. Thurber is one of the hottest talents in Hollywood, having directed the action movie Red Notice for Netflix with two sequels on the way. Thurber also wrote a pitch for Voltron, which was sold to Amazon Studios. 

Previous reports about the Dungeons & Dragons Paramount+ series states that it is set in the same world as the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie, which means it would be set in the Forgotten Realms. No other details about the show has been provided, but the show won’t be released until 2024 as production hasn’t even begun. 

Dungeons & Dragons is both a popular roleplaying game played in a group and a growing brand for Hasbro, which owns the game. Hasbro has high hopes for Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, with numerous merchandise tie-ins and a belief that it could launch a wider cinematic universe. The Dungeons & Dragons game has recently come under scrutiny from fans, after Wizards of the Coast (the Hasbro subsidiary that publishes the game) announced planned changes to the Open Gaming License that provides a framework for third-party publishers and creators to create D&D-compatible material. Fan outcry over the planned moves, which included a royalty structure and license back language, led to a grassroots campaign to pressure Wizards of the Coast and caused the company to walk back some of their more controversial plans.

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