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Latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC Leak Is Probably Fake

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A new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet “leak” is almost certainly made up, but that hasn’t stopped fans from sharing it and speculating about the future. Pokemon fans are expecting a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC announcement to come as early as next month, with most assuming that it will feature a mix of returning Pokemon and two Legendary Pokemon that appear to be amalgamations of the Legendary Beasts and the Swords of Justice. Late last week, a 4chan post inexplicably started to pick up steam, despite the fact that it seems to largely be an extrapolation of various fan theories. 

The “Magenta Mirage” leaks claims that the DLC will introduce a second crater, located in the grayed out area in the northeastern part of Paldea. It also claims that a new Pokemon lives in the bottom of the crater (the Legendary Pokemon shown in the Scarlet Book/Violet Book that is responsible for the Terastallization phenomenon) that somehow turns “belief” into reality. Several new Paradox Pokemon will also supposedly be introduced, including Paradox versions of all three Gen 6 Starter Pokemon. You can check out the full “leak” here. 

The “belief into reality” bit is a fan theory that’s been around since before Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaked. In fact, almost all of the major points of the “leak” are pulled from various theories about the game, which strongly suggests that the leak is wishful thinking. There’s also the contradiction between the DLC color being magenta and proven leaker Riddler Khu stating that the DLC will have an amber theme. We’ll also note that yellow is a color traditionally associated with Spain along with red due to the Spanish flag. Purple also appears on the flag in the Spanish coat of arms and has appeared on past flags. 

We’ll likely be waiting a month for an official DLC announcement, with a patch for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet also expected sometime in February. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now on the Nintendo Switch. 

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