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Mercedes Monè Reveals IWGP Women’s Title Plans

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Mercedes Monè is set to have her first match since debuting at New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Wrestle Kingdom 17, and she will be taking a big swing in a match against IWGP Women’s Champion KAIRI at Battle in the Valley next month. The event is already sold out, and Monè has already laid out big plans for the IWGP Women’s Championship. In a new interview with NJPW, Monè said she’s excited and admitted to also being nervous, but she’s more than ready to take the Title. In fact, she’s going to take the Title everywhere and is set on making it a global Championship.

“I’ve never been more excited, more nervous, which I never get nervous, but I am so ready for this,” Monè said. “I’ve been dreaming about this, I’ve been really really wanting this and for it to be in the United States in San Jose, California? I have so much history there. I’ve had the greatest matches there.”

Monè is set on living up to that high bar too. “February 18th is gonna be the same. I’m going to make sure that it is the greatest women’s match of all time and when I hold up my Championship… oh cute little KAIRI, I’m gonna send her back to Japan and she can go back to STARDOM and I can be the global superstar that I’m meant to be. I’m about to take that title everywhere, not just New Japan, but everywhere,” Monè said.

This is right in line with what Monè said in the press conference after Wrestle Kingdom 17, calling this a first stop on a world domination tour. “I am Mercedes Monè. I am the CEO of New Japan and Stardom’s women’s division, and this is only just my first stop because I’m on a world domination tour,” Monè said. “I know everybody is so jealous of Japan. You guys are so lucky to have me first.”

Battle in the Valley will take place on February 18th at the San Jose Civic, and those who can’t be in attendance in person can watch live on FITE TV.

Do you think Monè will win the Title in her first match for NJPW? Let us know in the comments and as always you can talk all things wrestling with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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