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What Fuyutsuki’s Treatment of Himuro Says About the Topic of Disabilities

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In Ice Guy’s second episode, Fuyutsuki had a practical and sensitive strategy to help Himuro cope with his unusual yuki-onna powers.

The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague is a lovely romantic comedy anime in the Winter 2022 anime season, starring the cool-headed lady Fuyutsuki and her supernatural co-worker, the icy but handsome Himuro. They are a pair of kuuderes who have great chemistry in the office, and recently, Fuyutsuki went above and beyond for her new friend.

The Ice Guy doesn’t frame Himuro’s yuki-onna powers as a disability, but anime fans can interpret it that way because Himuro’s powers often complicate or even interfere with his daily life. However, rather than trivializing disabilities, the Ice Guy anime uses Fuyutsuki to show how accommodations for disabilities can help people and make all the difference in someone’s everyday life.

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Fuyutsuki Trained Himuro to Restrain His Yuki-Onna Powers

Himuro and Fuyutsuki with noise maker

In Episode 2 of The Ice Guy, Himuro and Fuyutsuki got ready for their token beach episode to Okinawa, and for most of their co-workers, it was an ordinary training trip to the sunny beaches of Okinawa. Himuro had a problem though since the southern heat would weaken him, and his excitement of visiting the beach with the lovely Fuyutsuki would set off his yuki-onna powers in a big way. Himuro might have avoided the trip entirely if it weren’t for Fuyutsuki being thoughtful enough to offer some training.

Fuyutsuki, on her own accord, offered Himuro a sea drum and explained that with it, Himuro could get himself used to the sounds of the sea and keep himself calm and relaxed the whole time. That way, Himuro could train his mind to associate the sea’s sounds with calmness rather than excitement, and that would keep his yuki-onna powers under control during the Okinawa trip. A grateful and touched Himuro accepted the sea drum and trained hard, even running outdoors with it, and it partially paid off.

Amusingly, Himuro still had a few slip-ups during the Okinawa trip with his powers, but thanks to Fuyutsuki’s training, he kept himself in check and avoided disaster. It was another major step toward not just their blossoming kuudere romance but also true understanding and accommodation. Himuro’s ice powers may feel like a liability bordering on a disability, but the kind Fuyutsuki knows just what to do about that.

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Himuro & Fuyutsuki Set a Good Example for Handing Disabilities


Overall, the Ice Guy anime doesn’t focus too much on the theme of disabilities — the Episode 2 beach sequence will likely be the exception in how Himuro’s yuki-onna powers are portrayed. Even so, a brief sequence like this sets a fine example of not just portraying a disability but also how to handle it. Fuyutsuki didn’t even consider the incorrect approaches — she went right for a fair, sensible accommodation that worked for everyone’s benefit.

Fuyutsuki’s training with the sea drum was about management of the snow “disability,” not erasing that disability entirely. Fuyutsuki didn’t aim to “fix” Himuro, and indeed, it’s often insulting to suggest that individuals with disabilities need to be fixed or have their disabilities erased. This is especially true for individuals with disabilities such as autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, who might identify heavily with it. Understandably, they might react poorly to external attempts to “correct” or fix their minds and behavior.

Fuyutsuki’s approach was a careful compromise between controlling the excesses of Himuro’s yuki-onna powers and respecting Himuro’s supernatural status. She did not aim to “fix” or erase anything, just help Himuro handle his condition a bit differently so he could participate in group activities with nothing to fear. In public spaces such as schools, college and the workplace, understanding and accommodating a disability might often take that form, with both parties meeting in the middle to maximize inclusion and convenience.

Different cases will vary, naturally, but as a whole, Fuyutsuki’s strategy is a winning one, helping Himuro be a part of the group and keep his condition out of the way while not invalidating Himuro as a freak or defective person with a shameful condition that must be eradicated. This, among other things, makes Fuyutsuki the ideal co-worker and friend for Himuro, and potentially, girlfriend as well. She understands him on every level that Himuro needs.

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