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Apex Legends Event Adds Hardcore Mode

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Apex Legends players are getting a new kind of experience in the game’s next event courtesy of “Hardcore Royale,” a mode which adopts features from hardcore playlists found in other games. These features include things like a limited HUD and quicker kills among other changes. It’s only a limited-time mode, for now, but those who’ve been asking for this sort of thing for years will no doubt hope that it’s received well so that it can be brought back in the future or perhaps kept around for good.

The new Apex mode was announced in the overview of the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event that’s scheduled to get underway on January 24th. It’ll run from then until February 7th, so players will have two weeks to take part just like we typically see during these events.

“Armor is restricted to white armor only, and can’t be upgraded through dealing damage, crafting, or looting,” an overview of this new mode said. “While this makes it easier to take down your enemies, keep in mind you’ll be just as vulnerable. Helmets have also been removed making headshots more lethal/rewarding. Pick your fights carefully, Legend. Or it could all be over in the blink of an eye. Additional gameplay changes for Hardcore Royale are listed below.”

In addition to there being only white armor and no helmets in this mode, other changes include the limited HUD and the fact that the ring starts out a max damage, so there’ll be no hiding outside of the combat area. One of the most significant changes makes it so that armor won’t spawn in deathboxes any longer, so this means armor swaps won’t be possible.j

Respawn Entertainment has also imposed a restriction on this Hardcore Royale mode that means some people won’t be able to try it. You’ll have to be at least Level 20 to play which shouldn’t be an issue for some people, but it’s still a departure from what we typically see during these limited-time modes.

Respawn occasionally tests new features through events like this to see if they’re received well, and if they are, features are sometimes kept around permanently. No indication that that’ll happen with this mode has been offered by Respawn, though Apex’s hardcore community can only hope.

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