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Keke Palmer Fans Try Help the Nope Star Fix Her Sims Glitch

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The Sims 4 fans are flocking to the assistance of Hollywood star Keke Palmer after she took to Twitter to troubleshoot some graphical issues.

Fans of The Sims 4 have taken to Twitter to help troubleshoot the gaming woes of actor Keke Palmer.

The Nope star shared on Twitter that she had graphical issues with the game after installing what she believed to be shoddy custom content. Writing on the social media site, Palmer said some “bad cc” was making her “Sim look crazy after she showers,” adding that she was “so irritated.” The actor then found herself inundated with potential remedies from diligent fans, who recommended various methods to clean up her game and hopefully resolve the issues.

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Many followers expressed disbelief that a Hollywood star had time to play video games, though they took delight knowing that Palmer was a so-called “Sims girlie.” Others were also stunned to see that the actor had apparently installed the WickedWhims mod, an unofficial and NSFW add-on for The Sims 4 that adds adult content such as nudity and sexual material, in a video she later posted.

Developer Maxis and publisher EA have strived to keep NSFW content out of The Sims 4 in the past by adding a profanity filter to its in-game custom content browser. The companies, however, wield limited control over mods created by players hosted on external websites. To sate player appetite for more intimate content, Maxis will release an underwear update for The Sims 4 in January that adds “lacey bodysuits, a variety of underwear styles & playful boxer prints.”

Despite releasing in 2014, The Sims 4 has continued to be supported by Maxis with regular new content in the form of expansion and stuff packs. 12 expansions have been released over the game’s nine-year history, allowing players to send their Sims to college, open a business or enjoy the four seasons. Additionally, various clothing and furniture packs allow players to create more stylish Sims and tailored homes. Some gamers use both official and custom content in their Sims games to recreate celebrities like Aquaman‘s Jason Momoa with startling accuracy.

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In October 2022, The Sims 4 base game went free-to-play to encourage new players to try the life simulator. Maxis will support the game through 2023 with several planned updates, including the return of babies. However, the company has already shared what it deems to be the “future of The Sims” — a currently untitled game called Project Rene. Unlike typical Sims games, Project Rene appears to focus more on the building and designing of properties in a bid to compete with other titles that offer a higher degree of customization.

Project Rene currently has no release window.

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