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Luz’s Mom Experiences the Demon Realm in Season 3, Episode 2 Clip

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Disney Channel releases an official sneak peek at The Owl House’s second Season 3 special, “For the Future.”

Camila Noceda (Elizabeth Grullon) gets acquainted with the Boiling Isles in an official clip from The Owl House‘s second Season 3 special, “For the Future.”

Disney Channel shared a sneak peek at “For the Future” on YouTube ahead of the episode’s premiere this Saturday, Jan. 21. The clip picks up after The Owl House‘s first Season 3 special, “Thanks to Them,” in which Camila decided to accompany her daughter — main protagonist Luz Noceda (Sarah-Nicole Robles) — and her friends on their quest to save the Boiling Isles once and for all. Camila is clearly taken aback by the Demon Realm, though shows Luz support nonetheless. Even so, Luz remains steadfast in her decision to return to the Human Realm for good once all is said and done.

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Watch this exclusive sneak peek from The Owl House Season 3 Episode 2, “For the Future”. Luz and friends finally make it back to the Boiling Isles, but something strange has happened. Watch the second full episode, “For the Future” on Disney Channel YouTube, Saturday January 21st at 10p PT.

“For the Future” is the second of three 44-minute specials that make up The Owl House‘s third and final season. The episode’s official synopsis reads as follows: “Luz and her friends race against Belos to confront the Collector and save the Boiling Isles.”

The Owl House’s Final Season Concludes This Year

Created by Dana Terrace, The Owl House initially premiered on the Disney Channel in January 2020, with Season 1 running for a total of 19 episodes and concluding in August 2020. Season 2 premiered in June 2021, running for 21 episodes and concluding in May 2022. One year prior, in May 2021, Disney Channel renewed The Owl House for a shortened Season 3, which was confirmed to be its last. “Thanks to Them” bowed on the Disney Channel in October 2022 to kick of Season 3’s trilogy of double-length episodes. “For the Future” follows suit this month, with the series finale — the title of which is currently unknown — set to air sometime later this year.

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In The Owl House‘s Season 2 finale, “King’s Tide,” Luz and company attempted to thwart the evil Emperor Belos/Philip Wittebane’s (Matthew Rhys) Day of Unity, which, unbeknownst to the people of the Boiling Isles, would kill all witches and demons of the demon realm by draining their magic. King (Alex Hirsch) managed to stop Belos’ draining spell by freeing The Collector (Fryda Wolff), only for the mischievous being to pose a new threat by beginning to reshape the Boiling Isles in his own image.

With no other options, Luz, her girlfriend Amity Blight (Mae Whitman) and their friends Gus Porter (Issac Ryan Brown), Willow Park (Tati Gabrielle) and Hunter (Zeno Robinson) were forced to escape to Luz’s native Human Realm, leaving King, Eda Clawthorne (Wendie Malick) and others to uncertain fates. Season 3’s first special chronicled Luz and the gang’s search of a way back to the Demon Realm — which they ultimately found in their pursuit of Belos, who had secretly followed them to the Human Realm.

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The Owl House Season 3, Episode 2, “For the Future,” airs Jan. 21 on Disney Channel.

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