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Persona 3 Portable Reaper Guide

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Persona 3 Portable features the debut of the Reaper, with the powerful Persona series foe giving access to the game’s ultimate dungeon and bosses.

The image of Atlus’ Persona franchise as it currently stands may have been most popularized with the series’ fifth entry, but it truly began back in Persona 3. This entry gave the series a new aesthetic and creative DNA, switching to the high school focus and introducing concepts such as social links. It also saw the debut of a deathly boss who’s continued to show up in other games.

The Reaper has become a consistent secret boss in Persona titles ever since its appearance in Persona 3, representing the ultimate challenge for those exploring the series’ replay value. Representing Persona‘s unique take on monsters and mythology, the Reaper offers a few bonuses to those who face him. With Persona 3 Portable now being ported to modern consoles, here’s how gamers can take down its skeletal secret boss.

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How to Trigger a Fight With the Reaper

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Though he might seemingly be the games’ equivalent of the Grim Reaper, the Reaper in Atlus’ Persona series eschews scythes for guns and guards areas where Shadows reside. Its presence keeps players from exploring too much of Tartarus in Persona 3 FES and Persona 3 Portable, all the while making grinding a bit more difficult. Of course, players will want to grind as much as possible before fighting him, as the creature is one of the toughest opponents in the entire game.

To face the Reaper, players must simply wait around idly in Tartarus, with Fuuka later warning that a strong presence is felt. One way to cut the wait time in half is to defeat a basic enemy and select a skull card from the card shuffle afterward. Given how tough he is early on in the game, players will want to keep moving to avoid being attacked by him for loitering.

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How to Defeat the Reaper in Persona 3 Portable

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Players will want to level up their party as much as possible before fighting the Reaper, with a minimum level of 70 for each member being recommended. Having the Odin Persona will also help, and this requires players to be at least level 57 and max out the Emperor Social Link. Once the battle begins, a certain rhythm and strategy are needed to ensure that players walk away the victors. This starts with making sure that each of the party members attacks before the Reaper.

From there, Odin should use the Thunder Reign attack, with the rest of the party following this up with physical attacks. This and an All-Out Attack should then be performed by each member, though the final acting member won’t do an All-Out Attack. This will make the Reaper dizzy, allowing the characters and their Personas to decimate him freely for one turn. Outside ineffective Light and Dark attacks, anything goes, so players should give everything they’ve got to quickly defeat this powerful boss. It’s also good to have Homunculus items in abundance, as these can protect against any Instant Kill attacks.

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What the Player Gets for Defeating the Reaper

Persna-3-Reaper (1)

Defeating the Reaper at any time will provide EXP in the same way as any other battle, but that’s not the only reason players should strive to fight him. Gamers should wait until later when Elizabeth gives them an optional task (Request #53) of defeating the Reaper. Doing so at this point will award players the Bloody Button afterward. This is the only way to unlock Monad, which is a secret dungeon in Persona 3 Portable. Monad is where the game’s true secret bosses are fought with variants based on the protagonist’s gender, making The Reaper a mere stepping stone to the game’s biggest secrets.

Access to Monad comes with a complimentary helping of a lot of EXP, not to mention being one bit closer to beating every challenge that Persona 3 has to offer. It might not seem worth it to those merely running through the game’s storyline, but for anyone looking for a challenge, the Reaper and the dungeon to which he provides access offer much in that regard.

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