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Synch is Responsible for Keeping Hope Alive

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In Immortal X-Men #10, a somewhat obscure member of the mutant team proves his worth by keeping hope alive for the members of Krakoa – literally.

The following contains spoilers for Immortal X-Men #10, now on sale from Marvel Comics

The X-Men have truly pushed their limits in recent years, with the (potentially doomed) Krakoa Era allowing the mutant heroes to flourish in unexpected ways. In some cases, former villains have become dedicated heroes. Others have found radical new uses for their abilities or skills, aiding in the expansion of the mutant nation in their own little ways. But there’s one mutant who’s been making a very big name for himself, and his latest act might elevate him to the highest levels of respect in Krakoa.

In light of Hope Summer’s death, it initially appeared as if the X-Men had lost access to resurrection. But thanks to Synch’s role in Immortal X-Men #10 (by Kieron Gillen, Lucas Werneck, David Curiel, and VC’s Clayton Cowles), Hope and some other major mutants are promptly restored to life. This means Synch can take Hope’s place in the Five, even just temporarily — making him one of Krakoa’s single most important mutants.

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How Synch Helps Revive Hope

Immortal X-Men 10 Xavier Sinister 8

Hope Summers has always been an important figure within the mutant corner of the Marvel Universe. Her birth set the stage for the return of the X-Gene following the events of House of M and Decimation, and she’s become a central piece of the Five — the mutant technology responsible for the X-Men gaining access to easy and quick resurrection. But her death at the hands of Mister Sinister in Immortal X-Men #9 (by Kieron Gillen, Michele Bandini, David Curiel, and VC’s Clayton Cowles) threw all that into question. Hope’s sudden and grisly demise initially seemed to strip the X-Men of their ability to restore people to life, as it was her ability to duplicate and synergize the powers of the rest of the Five that ensured successful resurrection.

Luckily, one of the earliest resurrections of the Krakoa Era was Synch, a member of Generation X who’d died at the end of that series. Upon his restoration, the power mimic has been increasingly showcasing his true potential, even serving consecutive terms on the now democratically elected X-Men roster. Synch ultimately volunteers to try and take Hope’s spot, and it’s clear from his strained efforts that he’s not as capable as Hope at the act. But he proves good enough at it to successfully fill her place in the roster, allowing the Five to resurrect Hope (alongside the likewise murdered Exodus, Xavier, and Emma Frost). This means resurrection is fully restored to Krakoa at a crucial junction for the heroes.

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Synch Has Become A Vital Member of the X-Men

Immortal X-Men 10 Xavier Sinister 7

It’s a big moment for Synch, potentially his most vital contribution to Krakoa yet — and given his stellar record since his resurrection, that’s saying something. Since his restoration, Synch has gone on a mission to the Vault to provide recon on a serious threat to the world (spending centuries in that pocket dimension alongside Wolverine). He’s been a major factor in the current X-Men roster, working alongside Cyclops to expose the Orchis-aligned Doctor Stasis as one of the Mister Sinisters currently running around the Marvel Universe. He’s held his own against the likes of an unrestrained Venom during the events of Dark Web and has consistently proven himself as a member of the team.

Considering his relative obscurity following his demise towards the end of Generation X’s original volume, Synch has quickly established himself as a powerful and vital mutant for the future of Krakoa. This is likely only to increase now that Synch has been confirmed to be a potential stand-in for Hope Summers in case she’s killed, meaning the X-Men may still have resurrection capabilities even in times of extreme emergency. Considering Hope has been met with religious reverence, it’s possible Synch might get a similar boost in profile. It’s a big moment for a hero who has really come into his own in recent years and hopefully remains a trend even if the Krakoa Era comes to an end as a result of the upcoming Fall of X storyline.

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