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A Power Rangers Hero is now a Universal Threat

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #104 reveals that the greatest hero among the Rangers has now become a threat to the entire universe.

Over the past few months, the Power Rangers have faced off against invading armies, the ancient Death Ranger, and mechanical foes with deadly machinations of their own. After all of that, it seems almost impossible that anything else could come along to top the list, yet that is exactly what has just happened thanks to Mistress Vile. Not only has she finally unveiled the purpose of her unstoppable warrior known only as Vessel, but she may also have even revealed where this enigmatic menace came from. All signs point toward him having once been none other than the Mighty Morphin team’s very own mentor – Zordon.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #104 (by Melissa Flores, Kath Lobo, Simona Di Gianfelice, Fabi Marques, Raúl Angulo, and Ed Dukeshire) sees Mistress Vile, formerly Rita Repulsa, looking back on her recent past in the hopes of endearing Green Ranger Matthew Cook to her cause. Of course, even without Matthew at her side, Mistress Vile’s army is enough to turn back the Rangers at any point. This is especially true thanks to the enigmatic Vessel, a silent warrior who exudes power on every level. Worse still, the truth behind Vessel has finally been revealed, and it is exactly what many fans were hoping for. As Rita explained to Master Vile, the Vessel is the body of a once great warrior. Presumably, the very same who now leads the Mighty Morphin team.

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Zordon is the Biggest Threat to the Power Rangers Universe

mmpr 104 i have a vessel

Back when Mistress Vile was still Rita Repulsa, her final confrontation with Zordon saw her imprisoned within a Space Dumpster on the surface of the Moon. Before she was sealed away, Rita took her vengeance by separating Zordon from his physical form entirely. This led to Zordon’s consciousness being trapped out of time, leaving him only able to communicate through the Command Center’s iconic energy tube. But there was never any clear indication of what became of his physical form.

At least, that was the case until now, when it has been made all but certain that Zordon’s body is the same Vessel standing at Mistress Vile’s side. This would also make Zordon’s body the literal vessel through which Dark Specter hopes to take a form of his own in our dimension. As living anathema to the Morphin Grid, the only thing keeping Dark Specter from crossing that threshold was the lack of a viable form to claim as his own. Now that he has Zordon’s, however, it is likely only a matter of time before Dark Specter arrives, and once he does, he might be too powerful to stop.

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Zordon’s Body Would Make Dark Specter Unstoppable

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This isn’t to say that Dark Specter isn’t already a powerhouse in his own right, but rather to emphasize just how powerful Zordon was in his life. As a Guardian of Eltar, Zordon fought across countless battlefields across nearly as many worlds, and rarely did he falter. There is certainly something to be said for Zordon’s body being frozen for so many years, although it is still painfully obvious that those circumstances haven’t made much of a difference. Based on what readers have already seen from Vessel, it is hard to imagine a more capable threat, yet that is exactly what the Power Rangers will be forced to do before long.

As devastating as this revelation is, it will be nothing compared to the Rangers’ reactions to it once they discover the truth, let alone what Zordon will think. At best, the heroes will see the Vessel for what it is rather than what it used to be. If not, they may find that trying to reunite Zordon with another body means pulling their punches, and that would leave them woefully outmatched against the strongest enemy they have ever made.

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