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The Voice of Ash Prepares to Record Ketchum’s Victory

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One of the biggest news items in the world of anime was the revelation that Ash Ketchum would be leaving the Pokemon anime, taking his trusty Pikachu with him following his major win in the Masters 8 Tournament. With Ketchum now the new world champion, fulfilling his dream after two-plus decades of holding the reins of the series, the English Dub is attempting to play catch-up and it seems that Sarah Natochenny, the current voice of Ash, is preparing to record a major moment.

Ash Ketchum’s future is anyone’s guess when it comes to what he will be doing when he is no longer the hero of the Pokemon anime adaptation, though rumors have been swirling since the new trainers who will be leading the charge, Liko and Roy, were introduced. One major theory has been the idea that Liko, the new female trainer, is actually related to Ash himself, sporting a hair clip that uses a symbol that Ash wore on his cap for some time. Luckily, Ash will have a handful of episodes that will finish his journey and has already reunited him with Misty as the future of the Pokemon anime is preparing to change.

Pokemon: The New World Champ

Sarah Natochenny took the opportunity to share her current recording session, looking to voice the upcoming big moment for Ash Ketchum in Pokemon Journeys that will land on Netflix at a yet unannounced time and turn a major page for the popular anime character:

Pokemon: Aim To Be A Pokemon Master is Ash and Pikachu’s last hoorah as the stars of the series, and despite Ketchum’s new status as the World Champion, he was presented with an interesting question by his long-time rival, Gary Oak. Despite winning the Masters 8 Tournament, there is a part of Ash that believes that he is not yet a Pokemon Master, meaning that his quest will continue presumably even if he isn’t the star of the show. At present, new episodes of Pokemon Journeys will arrive next month, though it seems like a surefire bet that the West will receive English dub episodes of Pokemon Master at some point.

What are your predictions when it comes to the future of the Pokemon anime without Ash and Pikachu in the lead roles? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Pokemon. 

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