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Dragon Ball Super Reveals Cell Max’s Origins

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Dragon Ball Super might have introduced a monstrous new version of Cell during the climax of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero feature film launched around the world last year, but the newest chapter of the manga has revealed the first look at how this new version of the android came to life! The newest arc of the series has gone back in time just a bit in order to further fill in the gaps that helped to lead into the events of the movie, and with it fans are starting to see how Dr. Hedo’s various plans came to fruition. 

Cell Max was the big villain at the climax of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, but was much different than the previous famous incarnation. A much larger, Kaiju sized version of the villain came with much more power and was pretty tough to defeat. It was Dr. Hedo’s android creation, and the newest chapter of the series gave fans the first look at Cell Max while it was still very much early in its creation with a set of original blue prints. 

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Is Cell Max Coming to Dragon Ball Super’s Manga? 

Chapter 89 of Dragon Ball Super picks up shortly after Trunks and Goten managed to take a strange disc from Dr. Hedo’s laboratory, and much like its connection to Dr. Gero had teased, inside is a look at Cell Max. Trunks is barely able to gleam any real information on the disc due to how encrypted it is, but he sees a small fetus version of Cell Max now in development. It’s brushed aside fairly quickly, but fans already know what kind of threat this turns into. 

With the newest chapter of the series also continuing through the Super Hero arc setting up the movie to come, these developments might not play out fully in the manga. There’s not a very likely chance that Cell Max will show up to fight Goten and Trunks at any real point since it doesn’t happen until much later, but we could end up seeing some other kind of experimental version of the android as like a test of some sort. 

Would you even want to see Cell Max during Dragon Ball Super again? What would you want to see if the monster indeed comes back? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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