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Did Google Maps Capture First Evidence of Bigfoot?

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Of all places to find the definitive proof of Bigfoot’s existence, few would think to check something as obvious as Google Earth. That is, of course, until earlier this month when one believer on Reddit scoured the planet for proof of the legendary cryptid, only to find a sasquatch-like shadow appearing in the middle of a Colorado meadow. On January 17th, Redditor u/33sushi shared screenshots of the locale in question, revealing what appears to be a bipedal creature standing in at just over seven feet tall.

“Is it a bear? A puddle? A hiker without any gear? Impossible to say for certain but the darker areas of the subject align with the shadows of other objects nearby,” the Redditor shared in their post. Naturally, skeptics were quick to point out the angle doesn’t match up given the photos were captured with a satellite and should be looking directly at a two-dimensional plane of the ground rather than a horizontal panoramic but hey, you be the judge.

The post quickly started to gain traction online and with television stations located across the area. Unfortunately for those involved in the Hunt, it appears the item in question isn’t really Bigfoot but rather, the beginning formation of a pond. For those hoping to eventually get a glimpse of a sasquatch within Colorado, you may be in luck. A survey released in 2020 said locations in the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain regions resulted in the highest number of Bigfoot sightings.

“Bigfoots love those forest areas, especially if there are some snow-capped mountains and fresh water sources nearby,” the survey reported. “If you’re hiking and camping in the wilderness, look for the orangutan-like giant roaming along treelines of dense forests or crossing empty highways.”

It added, “Bigfoots avoid high-density populations, so even if there are more sightings in a state, a larger population in any area might scare him away from sightseeing spots. You’ll want to check out the more desolate parts of the dense forests to see one yourself.”

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