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What Happens in Episode 3?

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[Warning: Major spoilers for the first two episodes of HBO’s The Last of Us and spoilers for the accompanying video game can be found in this article.]

Episode 2 of The Last of Us has finally aired on HBO and it brought with it even more heartbreak. Following the sacrifice of Tess at the conclusion of Episode 2, Joel and Ellie now find themselves setting off on a cross-country journey to meet up with Joel’s brother, Tommy, and eventually deliver Ellie to the Fireflies. And while it will surely take the duo quite a long time to reach Tommy, we can already assume what will end up taking place in Episode 3. 

What Will Happen in The Last of Us Episode 3?

Based on how Episode 2 of The Last of Us ends and what we know from the video game, it’s safe to predict that Episode 3 will see Joel and Ellie heading to Bill’s Town. For those who haven’t played the PlayStation game, Bill is an old acquaintance of Joel’s that has created his own “town” where he lives by himself to keep the Infected at bay. Bill himself was briefly mentioned in Episode 2 by Tess and we’ve previously known that he would appear in the series as Nick Offerman has been cast to play Bill. 

Surprises in Store for Episode 3

The one big surprise that Episode 3 will seemingly have in store involves the character Frank. In the game, Frank is Bill’s former partner who ends up being found dead by Joel, Ellie, and Bill. Based on what we already know about HBO’s version of The Last of Us, though, Frank won’t end up only appearing as a dead body because Murray Bartlett has been cast as the character. The fact that Frank will seemingly be alive in HBO’s version of The Last of Us already deviates heavily from the source material and suggests that showrunner Craig Mazin and producer Neil Druckmann will be going in a much different route with Episode 3. 

How Long Will Episode 3 Last?

The other big departure with Episode 3 of The Last of Us is that it will be longer than expected. Although most episodes of The Last of Us will only be about an hour long, Episode 3 has already been confirmed by HBO to run for 80 minutes. Why this episode is longer than normal remains to be seen, but it seems like next week’s show could pack quite a punch. 

What did you think of Episode 2 of The Last of Us? And what do you think will end up happening in Episode 3? Share your own theories and expectations with me down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12

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