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WWE 2K23 Box Art Teased by John Cena

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WWE superstar John Cena just dropped a major tease associated with the box art of WWE 2K23. At this point in time, it’s known that 2K Sports will be releasing a follow-up to WWE 2K22 at some point this year. And while a formal reveal of the next entry in the series hasn’t come about just yet, this recent tease in question from Cena suggests that an announcement could be coming about very soon. 

In a new post shared to Instagram, Cena seemingly gave fans a first glimpse of what the box art for WWE 2K23 will look like. Although there is no WWE superstar present on the box itself, it seems likely that this image from Cena was shown off as a way to build anticipation for the cover art’s official announcement, which might be coming soon. Cena himself also didn’t provide a caption for this picture, which led fans to ask even more questions about what could be revealed in the future. 

You can check out the post from Cena below: 

Given that Cena himself was the one to tease this cover for WWE 2K23, it seems logical that he could be the one to be gracing the box art for this year’s game. Although Cena has appeared on the cover of past WWE games, this would be the first instance since WWE 2K15 that he’s been tied to a mainline WWE title. 

Assuming that Cena is also present on the box art for WWE 2K23, it also stands to reason that he may have an even larger role in the game. With WWE 2K22, Rey Mysterio ended up not only gracing the box art, but also had an entire mode within the game dedicated to his career. If this trend continues with 2K23, there could be a similar mode implemented in the upcoming release that chronicles the 16-time world champ’s legacy in the ring. 

What are you hoping to see from WWE 2K23 whenever it’s officially announced? And which wrestler do you expect to appear on the box art this year? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12

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