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Adam Scott Confronts Boy Meets World Star Over “Traumatic” Event Happening on Set

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Whether you’re a celebrity or not, we’ve all had experiences that could easily be explained but, without answers, they haunt us forever, which is exactly what happened to Adam Scott in a guest-starring role on Boy Meets World nearly 30 years ago. While appearing on the Boy Meets Pod podcast, hosted by series stars Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong, and Will Friedle, Scott finally got the chance to confront Strong about the “traumatic” experience of being denied a hug after filming wrapped on the season finale, an event which Strong had no recollection of, confirming it was nothing more than an awkward social encounter.

“Literally this has been tugging at me for 29 years,” Scott recalled on the podcast.  “It was the season finale of Season 2. I was with Blake [Sennett] and Ethan [Suplee]. Rider, you were there with a different group of people. The scene ends, everyone just erupts and starts cheering. End of the season, Blake and Ethan high-five and hug, they come up to me, high-five, just cheering. And then Blake and Ethan go up to you, Rider, and give you a high-five and hug you and after they do that I’m like, ‘Hey, congratulations, buddy,’ and I give you a high-five and I go in and hug you. And, as I do that, you push me off and you give me this look, like, ‘Wait a second, who the f-ck are you?’ and then you run away.”

“Are you serious?! Why would I do that?!” Strong replied. The actor then confirmed he had no memory of the encounter, with Scott admitting, “I’m so glad you don’t remember that because, to some extent, that means it wasn’t a traumatic experience for you.”

Back when these episodes were being filmed, Scott was 21 while Strong was still a teenager, with Scott’s character having only appeared in three episodes. Despite Strong noting that he’s a big hugger and how out of character that seemed, Scott theorized that he likely came across merely as an adult stranger that Strong didn’t know.

“That actually doesn’t sound like me at all, ’cause I’m generally a hugger!” Strong confessed. Scott continued, “He was a little kid, and I was this stranger grown up … Again, I had no idea what I was supposed [to do]. It seemed like we were all supposed to be joyous and hug each other. Oh, God, it was horrifying.”

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