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She-Hulk Costume Designer Reveals Biggest Challenge of Disney+ Series

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When She-Hulk: Attorney at Law arrived on Disney+ last year, it took the technical and narrative expectations of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to new heights. The live-action series followed the adventures of Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk (Tatiana Maslany), whose new gamma-inspired superpowers turn her into a taller, stronger Hulk. Marvel Studios’ CGI approach to bringing She-Hulk to life has caught a lot of attention and even been nominated for some awards — and in a new interview, the series’ costume designer shared some intel of how that came to life, with the help of Maslany’s on-set stand-in, Malia Arrayah.

“It was great,” Ann Foley told the This Week in Marvel podcast. “It was fun, it really was a challenge figuring out the mathematics to be perfectly honest because that was really important to Marvel. Like, what are the mathematics? The difference between Tatiana and Maliah, who is our visual reference or lighting reference.”

“The process started once we had Malia cast, Ryan Meinerding who is the head of visual development of Marvel or Vis Dev as I like to call them. He created the musculature of the body so to speak for She-Hulk and knowing that what She-Hulk size was, what her muscles were, we then took that digital information and created a muscle suit that was made for Maliah. And then once we had the muscle suit, then we knew,we could figure out those mathematics much easier. So we would build the suit, like the opening courtroom suit, for example, to fit Tatiana, knowing how the scene was going to happen. Tatiana’s character, Jen Walters is going to court, not expecting ever to have to be She-Hulk in court. So, she’s not wearing a suit that has any stretch capabilities. So we then take that suit, and then we do a fitting with Maliah afterwards to sort of see where that would naturally stretch. How short the skirt would go? Where it would rip, you know, on the leg? How far up the sleeves would go on the arms we’re on the, you know, in the arms. Where would it rip apart, you know, at that shoulder point? All that stuff was really fascinating and really interesting. And it was all real. Those were real stress points. So we thankfully had the gift of Malia to be able to figure that stuff out. And then VFX would scan Malia in costume every time she worked so that they could use that information to help create She-Hulk.”

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