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One of WWE’s Newest Signings Is Reportedly Dealing With Visa Issues

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Dragon Lee announced back in late December that he had signed a contract with the WWE that would bring him to its developmental NXT roster. But even though there’s plenty of hype surrounding the decorated luchador, he has yet to appear on NXT. Many expected him to pop up in the crowd during Saturday night’s NXT Vengeance Day event in Charlotte but to no avail. According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Lee’s move to the roster is apparently getting held up by visa issues. Lee made his in-ring debut for the Mexican luchador promotion CMLL in 2014 and would establish himself as one of the best high-flyers in the world with runs in Ring of Honor, New Japan and Lucha Libre AAA.

“Dragon Lee is a tremendous talent that will immediately add value to the NXT roster,” Jason Kimball, WWE’s head of talent and strategy operations, said shortly after Lee’s signing. “This signing is reflective of WWE’s renewed emphasis on globalizing our talent pipeline with Latin America positioned as a focal market.”

While Lee is heading to the main NXT roster, many assume he’ll play a big role in the planned NXT Mexico branch. Shawn Michaels, who oversees NXT, has openly discussed those plans in recent interviews. 

“When it comes to NXT expanding outside of the US, NXT Europe is going to be coming in 2023 and I know there have been talks of NXT Japan and NXT Mexico,” Michaels said on a post-show media conference call after NXT Halloween Havoc. “Those are probably farther down the road but it’s my understanding that those are some announcements that could be coming not too far down the road in 2023. The one thing everyone is excited about is, this company never sleeps and we are constantly trying to grow and expand. I have no doubt, I can’t tell you how I know, but I know a guy that is pretty interested in NXT and its expansion. I’m sure those things are not far down the road at all.”

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