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One-Punch Man Artist Sends Note to My Hero Academia Creator Amid Hiatus

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When it comes to work ethic, manga artists have some of the strictest schedules in entertainment. Artists are asked to keep up with weekly demands, and that includes everything from storyboards to drafts and final edits. This is why creators like Kohei Horikoshi have found themselves needing more breaks than ever, and one of manga’s top artists just send the My Hero Academia creator a note with good wishes.

The update comes straight from Twitter as Yusuke Murata posted the note to fans. The artist simply said, “Horikoshi-sensei, please take care of yourself.” The note has since reached hundreds of thousands with many adding their own wishes as well.

After all, no one knows the demands of manga production like a fellow creator. Murata is one of the most beloved artists in the industry as their work on One-Punch Man has few equals. Of course, their work is released monthly, so Murata doesn’t have the same due dates as Horikoshi does for My Hero Academia. But when it comes to the pressure of meeting expectations, Murata knows the feeling all too well.

Of course, Horikoshi has experienced burnout with work before, and fans are all too happy for the artist to take a break. This week, My Hero Academia was on a break following an unexpected hiatus last week. The series is slated to return to print soon, but as always, Horikoshi’s health takes priority. The manga industry has left one too many creators scarred by their work schedule, and Horikoshi’s fans are more than happy to support the artist from afar if he needs to take a vacation. 

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