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Will Futurama’s Revival Finally Answer Why Leela is “The Other”?

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Futurama is currently slated to return this year with yet another new wave of episodes, and yet another major revival bringing it back from cancellation, so that means it’s time to settle some things. While each iteration of the series has made sure to close the book on some of the long running stories 20 years in the making, there’s still one major thread that has yet to be followed up on. There is an opportunity to do so with Hulu’s next batch of 20 ordered episodes, and hopefully the team behind the series takes time to answer whether Leela really is “The Other.” 

Futurama has introduced its fair share of notable foes throughout its run, but there’s one involving Fry that never quite got to fulfill their resolution with a final and proper ending closing it out. The Brain spawn might have been last seen during the Season 5 episode, “The Why of Fry,” but their connection with Nibbler and Nibblonians also led to one of the biggest teases we have ever gotten. It’s mentioned during the episode that Leela must be “the Other,” but what does that mean? 

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Is Leela Really The Other? 

During “The Why of Fry,” Fry talks to the Nibbler he meets in the year 2000 and mentions Leela. Nibbler then wonders if that means that she must be “the Other,” considering how important Fry being in the year 3000 is to their survival, and it raised a big question as to what that could mean for the future. Making matters even more intriguing is towards the end of the episode where Nibbler says that they will come for Fry’s help again in the future. Except this never really happened. 

Futurama has been cancelled and revived a couple of times since, but this “Other” mystery has yet to be resolved. Fry’s never been approached by the Nibblonians again (which might be because the Brain Spawn are still stuck in that pocket outside of space and time), so we have yet to see what kind of final grand adventure there could be waiting for him and Leela. With the series coming back for another (and potentially final) time, let’s hope this revival finally answers that big question. 

Are you also hoping to find why Leela could be “The Other”? What Futurama stories are you hoped followed up on for its Hulu revival? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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