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Dragon Ball Releases ‘Ultra God Mission’ Episode 7 Synopsis

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Dragon Ball has put out the synopsis for Episode 7 of the “Ultra God Mission” Arc, which is currently running through the Dragon Ball Heroes promo anime. The synopsis reads: “Episode 7: A Turbulent Super Space-Time Battle From Dark King Demigra’s Demonic Grasp! – After defeating Super Syn Shenron, it seemed that the crisis was evaded, but then the next opponent appears. Meanwhile, battles continue to unfold in various locations, each with its own developments. The dark king Demigra finally makes his move…” 

The previous episodes of Dragon Ball Heroes threw a major twist into the Ultra God Mission arc with the arrival of Demigra – just when Goku and former Supreme Kai of Time Aeos were getting into what looked to be the climactic fight of the Super Space-Time Tournament. Upon arrival, Demigra did no less than kill off and absorb the dark spirit of Mechikabura, leveled Aeos’s headquarters, and stole the box witht he Time Scrolls, which has given him access to alternate versions of characters from other other timelines (Omega Shenron, Broly) to fight on his behalf. 

Dragon Ball Heroes is often a soft target for fans to take aim at, since the non-canon promo anime hinges on wild fan-service battles put together on a modest production budget (to put it mildly…). However, the concept of the Super Space-Time Tournament was actually a concept that struck a good chord with fans, as it was a bigger version of the Dragon Ball Super’s Universal Survival arc. That storyline and its Tournament of Power event was THE highlight of the Dragon Ball Super anime, and it seemed like Dragon Ball Heroes was tapping into similar potential. However, as you can see in the replies to the tweet above, Dragon Ball fans are not exactly jumping with joy over this latest turn in the story… 

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“I wish I could get hyped but °sigh° it’s nuts to know how this arc became so crappy… But eh.” one fans posted in response. Another added: “Agreed. I kinda feel the same way. I liked Aeos’ introduction, but just when I thought she’d do something big, she was sidelined from the story”.

Dragon Ball Heroes continues to be the only Dragon Ball anime that we have to watch on the small screen right now; while the Dragon Ball Super manga has blown through some pretty game-changing storylines in the last few years, none of it has been adaptated for the screen – even though it would be awesome to see. 

Dragon Ball Heroes “Ultra God Mission” Episode 7 will release online on February 12th. 

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