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Ant-Man Star Paul Rudd Gives Update on Jeremy Renner: “He’s Doing Well”

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Paul Rudd revealed how Jeremy Renner is doing after that scary snowplow accident on New Year’s Day. Entertainment Tonight talked to the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania star about his friend and MCU castmate. True to form, the actor explained that he had just spoken to the other Avenger yesterday and he sounds amazing. “He’s the best guy, he’s awesome,” Rudd smiled. “I talked to him yesterday, yeah, he’s doing alright. He’s doing well.” A reassuring update, and one that matches what Evangeline Lilly said to Total Access earlier this week when asked about Renner’s progress in physical therapy. It seems like he’s progressing swiftly and she couldn’t call this entire ordeal anything short of a miracle. Check out what she had to say right here.

“He was in a wheelchair,” Lilly explained to the outlet. “And when we made that movie [2008’s The Hurt Locker], he was so young and he was full of verve, and I remember just being so impressed by him. What’s so ironic is at that point I was like the ‘celebrity cameo’ on some level because I was on Lost, and I was like, ‘Who’s this kid?’”

She added, “He has recovered like a mo-fo. I walked in his house and got chicken skin, ’cause I was like, ‘Why are you mobile? Why are you mobile? What’s happening?’ I expected to sit at his bedside and hold his hand while he moaned and groaned in pain and wasn’t able to move. He was wheeling himself around, laughing with his friends. It’s a miracle, a straight-up miracle.”

Renner’s Family Thanks The Fans For Their Love and Support

“We can confirm that Jeremy has suffered blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries and has undergone surgery today, January 2nd 2023. He has returned from surgery and remains in the intensive care unit in critical but stable condition,” the family’s statement read shortly after the accident. “Jeremy’s family would like to express their gratitude to the incredible doctors and nurses looking after him, Truckee Meadows Fire and Rescue, Washoe County Sheriff, Reno City Mayor Hillary Schieve and the Carano and Murdock families. They are also tremendously overwhelmed and appreciative of the outpouring of love and support from his fans.”

Are you happy to hear that the Hawkeye star has been doing so well? Let us know down in the comments!

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